The switch from FreeNAS to Synology

I am not sure how long I have been using FreeNAS but its was during v9.x and I used it up to v11.2. 11.2 was leaps and bounds nicer to look at than v10. Still had some issues but over all served its purpose.

One day in the FreeNAS channel someone mentioned Synology and I started watching video’s on it and instantly I regretted not moving to that sooner.

So I made the decision to buy a new Synology box, one that supports 8 drives because I had 4TB just lying around and had already gotten 4x12TB drives for the FreeNAS. It was actually cheaper to buy the Synology box than it was for the FreeNAS box.

I was NOT disappointed and I continue to admire how it all seamlessly work. Accessing the desktop is all web based and its super nice, to boot its the same as accessing it remotely. On top of that Synology gives you a free way to access it which is very cool. Every app that is included can be accessed using this method which makes it super convenient.

One thing I really liked was the BTRFS system where you can add drives of different sizes so right now I have 4x4TB and 4x12TB drives all running in the same enclosure.

Before with FreeNAS, I learned about docker and played a little bit with docker but it was running in a VM and I  didn’t want to run it along with the other VM’s I was already running. Docker was hard to grasp but I would occasionally tinker with it and finally gave up on it as I didn’t see a real need.

Ironically with Synology I am 100% running docker and so far have 15 docker containers running. One of the best features is that as long as you define your mount points, you can upgrade your docker containers quite easily.

Surveillance station only allows 2 camera’s, which is really dumb. Should allow 4 or the home use license should be a lot cheaper.

VM Machine only allows 4 VM’s before it also charges 50$ per VM. Again for home use, should be cheaper.


Nerding out over…

Something I always wanted to do was make my own VPN to gain internal access to my network, man its very cool to have this setup and super handy as I no longer need to port forward or use reverse proxy.

I was cheating by having to wake my main PC and gaining access but this was easier said than done.

What happened was I got a 10G eth card but found that it did not support WOL, so what ending up happening was I had to activate my 1G eth card to gain the ability to WOL my pc.

What I found out was that wifi/eth/10G was the priority order so I had to figure out how to change it which was not easy. Then I had to figure out how to block everything on the 1G eth card which was not easy to find. I would up assigning it to the public network then blocking all access to the public network. This took me like a week to figure out.

Of course all of this was done prior to making a vpn, which solved all of my issues. Now I regret not doing it sooner.


I haven’t updated in a while because I don’t come across enough content to make reference to anything but here is what I am working on now:

Rpi+7″ monitor – I got the parts and put them together for no other reason than to do something and have them. Not sure why I bought 2 of them. I think the initial thought was to use them in different scenarios but it didn’t work out how I wanted.

*** UPDATE 4/16/2019 1:32 AM –> I decided to use one for my PiHole because I  figure out a way to forward my dns traffic to a docker version so this was much easier.

ALSO I JUST freakin bought the Rpi3 and of course they go and announce the Rpi4…arrgh. On the plus side its not due out till 2020.

Google WiFi – I bought this based on reviews and when I got it, it was GREAT. The wifi issue I was having all but disappeared, which was poor signal in certain parts of the house. It was only after I got used to it did I notice some issues.

Runs double NAT, which means my FING box can only either read the LAN IP’s OR the WiFi IP’s which are different. For some reason it will not read the LAN IP’s.

This wasn’t designed for those that are semi advanced users who are doing semi advanced things on there network. This is perfect for those that never want to touch there network. HIGHLY recommended for those that just care about WiFi coverage.

PfSense – Decided I wanted more of an advanced firewall so I purchased a firewall appliance and installed pfsense on it, which is really neat. I had to get it because what I was using, wouldn’t have been supported in v2.5 which is expected sometime this year or early next year. Plus I happen to be in a situation when my FIOS was installed, that he ran an ethernet cable from the UNT to where I wanted to have the main internets so I could choose to run my own router.

Synology DS1819+ – This has 8 bays rather than 4 bays and man-o-man the user experience on it is a very stark contrast over FreeNas. I am going to write up something on the differences at a later time.

Unifi – This is the replacement for my Google WiFi, these are the more professional AP’s some some very cool stats.

IP Camera’s – I decided to install some IP camera’s instead of using this nest cam. I was finding the resolution was super poor even though its claiming to be a 4K device. Plus with the surveillance station that’s running on my synology, this makes it easy to keep and run my own copies and I can detach from the sub I have going with Nest.

*** UPDATE 4/16/2019 1:38 AM –> Yeah well in theory this app was great but when I went to add a 3rd camera it demanded I buy a new license for 53$. I had bought a AMCREST NVR for like 95$ but put it off to the side in case the Synology box, good thing I did as this unit accepts an unlimited amount of camera’s. 8 4K’s but really, residential only needs 3-4.

Division 2 woes

Played a little, picked up a better more powerful LSW, which is a light machine gun. Started a story mission then all of the mobs froze.

Got disconnected from the server, when I got back in I was at the original camp before I ran into the mission, seems they rolled back the server for some reason and I lost that new weapon.

How is server roll backs still a thing?

Division 2

After playing Anthem for a while and being disappointed, I decided to give Div2 a try. The engine is virtually the same as Div1 but somehow they made it different enough to make it interesting so this is what I have been playing on my free time.

Its still super frustrating at times and most nights I feel like giving up but I wind up coming back to it. As my room mate is at max level and watching him play, I have more frustrating nights ahead of me.


I really feel sorry for those that play with me, I am the definition of terribad. I am almost at the point where I am going to give up on this game because of how terrible I am.

I like the game but as it is, they nerfed the weapon drops back to basline, which is kinda unfair for those that arent high enough to get the higher end weapons. So now, I think I might not play but I might stick it out till Division2 comes out.


I liked playing Destiny but…after a while it was more of the same so I stopped playing (the issue I had was they kept releasing content reskinned and charging for it), ironically near the time I wanted to go into raiding hard core. Then came Destiny 2, demo was full of bug and seemed like a reskin of Destiny. Launch day I thought they would have worked out the bugs and there would be more to the game than the demo, nope.

When you play a demo, you are supposed to get a slice of what the game could be. In the case of Destiny 2, you pretty much got the game in the demo.

Anthem gave us a slice of the game along with the past 6 weeks of bugs, when I played the demo it was unplayable. Rubber banding, bullet sponges, running out of ammo, spawns despawning, falling through the world, disconnections, long reconnections….it was terrible.

To me, the demo was supposed to show you what the game “would” be like but I didnt feel like falling for another Destiny trap so I canceled my pre-order.

Also, WHYEEEEEEEEEE is it still a thing to have servers being overloaded when a game comes out, this is an anticipated game so WHYYEEEEE were they suprised or taken back by so many users getting in there servers?

WHYEEEEE wasn’t an admin monitoring the usage and spin up a new server to this wouldn’t happen, yet it did and continues to do it. This should not be a thing in 2019.


One of the things my wife would give me a hard time with was putting too much whipped cream on whatever pie I was eating. Turns out it’s low in sugar and low calorie and is one of the things I can consume.

Currently on day 6 of this diet but not expecting to see any substantial results for a while.

Too bad I can’t lose weight as fast as I am able to gain it.

Smart Homes and smart things

I came across this post on my tweeter feed, was a re-post by someone else and I really disagreed with it but then I saw who posted it and now I am not sure if it’s is serious or in jest.

Personally I really like smart home stuff, yeah it has its issues but what doesn’t. In fact I did have issues with my WeMo stuff and I got pissed off at it and replaced it all with Alexa and Alexa compatible stuff and now everything is working better than before.

Right now I have the following:
2 Philips Hue’s – NOT the multi colored ones – That control the living room
3 Philips Hue’s that control the outside
2 Philips Hue’s that are in the living room
Nest Thermostat
1 Alexa in the living room
1 Alexa in the bonus room

What I don’t like is the Alexa routines, they are a little on the sparse side compared to Wemo but the fact that it works and WeMo is a pain in the ass to get working, I let it slide but would like to see more options available for its Routines.

This is prob the best response I have seen, this is totally me in the not to distant future.