I haven’t updated in a while because I don’t come across enough content to make reference to anything but here is what I am working on now:

Rpi+7″ monitor – I got the parts and put them together for no other reason than to do something and have them. Not sure why I bought 2 of them. I think the initial thought was to use them in different scenarios but it didn’t work out how I wanted.

*** UPDATE 4/16/2019 1:32 AM –> I decided to use one for my PiHole because I  figure out a way to forward my dns traffic to a docker version so this was much easier.

ALSO I JUST freakin bought the Rpi3 and of course they go and announce the Rpi4…arrgh. On the plus side its not due out till 2020.

Google WiFi – I bought this based on reviews and when I got it, it was GREAT. The wifi issue I was having all but disappeared, which was poor signal in certain parts of the house. It was only after I got used to it did I notice some issues.

Runs double NAT, which means my FING box can only either read the LAN IP’s OR the WiFi IP’s which are different. For some reason it will not read the LAN IP’s.

This wasn’t designed for those that are semi advanced users who are doing semi advanced things on there network. This is perfect for those that never want to touch there network. HIGHLY recommended for those that just care about WiFi coverage.

PfSense – Decided I wanted more of an advanced firewall so I purchased a firewall appliance and installed pfsense on it, which is really neat. I had to get it because what I was using, wouldn’t have been supported in v2.5 which is expected sometime this year or early next year. Plus I happen to be in a situation when my FIOS was installed, that he ran an ethernet cable from the UNT to where I wanted to have the main internets so I could choose to run my own router.

Synology DS1819+ – This has 8 bays rather than 4 bays and man-o-man the user experience on it is a very stark contrast over FreeNas. I am going to write up something on the differences at a later time.

Unifi – This is the replacement for my Google WiFi, these are the more professional AP’s some some very cool stats.

IP Camera’s – I decided to install some IP camera’s instead of using this nest cam. I was finding the resolution was super poor even though its claiming to be a 4K device. Plus with the surveillance station that’s running on my synology, this makes it easy to keep and run my own copies and I can detach from the sub I have going with Nest.

*** UPDATE 4/16/2019 1:38 AM –> Yeah well in theory this app was great but when I went to add a 3rd camera it demanded I buy a new license for 53$. I had bought a AMCREST NVR for like 95$ but put it off to the side in case the Synology box, good thing I did as this unit accepts an unlimited amount of camera’s. 8 4K’s but really, residential only needs 3-4.


One of the things my wife would give me a hard time with was putting too much whipped cream on whatever pie I was eating. Turns out it’s low in sugar and low calorie and is one of the things I can consume.

Currently on day 6 of this diet but not expecting to see any substantial results for a while.

Too bad I can’t lose weight as fast as I am able to gain it.

Funny story on the way home

I typically take the back roads home as I can go 55+ without signal lights, in most cases the on-coming traffic will use there high beams to see the road better.

One day I got tired of all of the high beams in my eyes so the next time I saw high beams I reached to the right side of my steering wheel and flashed my brights, they continued with there high beams on so I pulled on the right side of my steering wheel to also blind them.

As I was driving past them I realized it started to rain and I could barely see in the dark and the windshield wipers came on, I thought that was weird because I didn’t flip the right handle.

I then realized that because it was the RIGHT handle and not the LEFT, all I managed to do was clean my wind shield and not blind the on coming traffic.

It wasn’t raining after all. DOH!

Sexism post in Twitter

Too bad I can’t vote for what will define my newsfeed the coming two years. My advice for anyone of any color: vote for a woman.

This is a wrong message to spread. Hey lets vote for a woman regardless if they are qualified because, woman. Isn’t this THE exact same thing everyone else are crying about only in reverse? Hey vote for a man because, man.

This is reverse sexism plain and simple which is just as wrong.


I found this by mistake and thought, hey maybe this will save me a little time if I have to work on another pc/laptop. So for a week I started to use Chrome and Firefox from my dropbox. I started to notice little inconsistencies like, chrome always asking to login to google and some of my extensions would be corrupted like everyday.

It didn’t feel like I was saving time so I went back to what I was doing before and that’s downloading the apps I use. Now I am not so sure running portable apps is work it.

Updated Regret?

UPDATE: 10/24/18 4:27 AM –>  Well I just got an email from Amazon and it basically said, please send back the laptop then we will take care of you. I didn’t like this answer so I chatted with them and “supposedly” they are sending me a replacement by tomorrow as an exception. I am not sure why this needed to be tagged as an exception but whatever. I am also doubtful that I will get a replacement tomorrow so we will see.

Update: 10/24/18 01:57 AM –> Well I got the laptop today. Took it to work and connected the thunderbolt display and saw green pixels all over the screen.

Changed monitors, still there.

Jiggled the cables, still there.

Hooked the cable to a different laptop and no green pixels which means that it is not a cable issue.

So I selected the replacement process for a new laptop, if this one is bad I will return that one and get a different brand.

I mean I could just not use it but some time down the road I will want to use it and remember that this is defective, why have something new that’s defective even a little?

UPDATE: 10/22/18 3:14 PM –>  I see that it was shipped! Hurray!!

Update: 10/21/18 09:49 PM –> Well still no shipping update, I am hoping that when I wake up there will be some sort of change. In the mean time I find myself really bored without it, I normally take it to work as I have some downtime so now I have to find stuff to do.

Update: 10/19/18 03:39 PM –> and that’s what I was expecting.

Update 10/19/18 12:55 –> Still haven’t got an sms saying its being sent out but still says delivery for today.

UPDATE: 10/18/18 6:32 PM –>  Hmmmm just noticed that the chat transcript that I wanted emailed to me never made it, now I’m wondering if this is going to bite me in the ass.

UPDATE: 10/18/18 3:34 PM –>  So it all began day before yesterday. I shut down my laptop to go home and noticed that it took a long time to shut down, where before it would hardly take any time. I booted it up and everything was really really slow. I messed around then I walked away for a while so the screen went into power saving mode. I noticed that all the lights were on where before, when it would go into sleep mode, they would be off. I attempted to wake it up and it would not wake up.

When I restarted it, it said there was a problem and then I noticed that the main NVME drive wasn’t being detected. Dang!!

So now I don’t know if this is a drive issue or a laptop issue with that connector.

I know for a fact that I am 2 weeks past the 30 days with Amazon but I thought I would try them and see what they say, surprisingly they said they would take it back for a full refund and said to buy another, which is what I did. Another surprise is I had the option to get it next day. So more updates to follow, although I don’t see a shipping text on my phone.

Now I just have to remove the extra memory and the larger NVME I installed in it.


I sold my old laptop which was very thick and weighed about 10lbs, this proved to be a challenge when I would take my laptop to work and I rode my bike, so I finally got a new thinner gaming laptop which isn’t even a 1/2 inch thick and less than 4 lbs.

My regret is that it heats up near where you place your hand to play the game but I guess that is the trade off? As it happens it does not like the new Nvidia drivers at all and crashes games, at least the ones I like to play so I am now using some older driver that’s not optimized for this version of card. Kinda regretting the decision to go with this type of laptop but I am committed, at least for a while.

UPDATE: 10/07/18 10:47 PM –>  So as I am sitting here reading this post, since the time of the original post I have gone and successfully installed 411.70 mobile version and it has been running stable so the only remaining regret I have is that I have to buy a laptop cooler that sits under the laptop. It does seem to help..at least a little bit or I think it does. Maybe its a placebo effect?

Updated GDGT Deals....Drama

UPDATE: 10/18/18 3:27 PM –>  Omgerd, I asked for an update and got back a…we are waiting a response from the vendor response AGAIN, this is like the 10th response I got with this exact verbiage.

GDGT Deals….Drama

In August I ordered the following items. I thought they were a good deal. About 2 weeks later I got the “Tactical” flashlights.

TRUE tactical flashlights have this edge on the lip you can use for self defense, these were barely aluminum lips that easily bend but they were cheap and super bright.

The earbuds on the other hand…..3 weeks went by and I still didn’t get them so I reached out to support asking where they were.

I was told they were on the way and that I should have gotten an email from them with the tracking number. I said no, the only tracking number you provided was from the original order. 3-4 days passed I emailed them again, again I got a they are on the way. I finally said hey you know what, I want a refund.

I found out from another order I made, potentially defective device that all orders are final and no refunds. So they spent the better part of a month attempting to get me the items no matter what and I generated about 20 emails to them, with them only responding 1 time a week.

Today, they finally escalated this up to authorize a refund.

This however has made me decide to NEVER EVER go through them again. Its just not worth the hassle to deal with these clowns to get something cheaper.

Updated Motorcycle Entry

UPDATE: 10/17/18 2:24 AM –>  I have since sold my bike. I just stopped riding it. I started to complain more about riding it than liking it and I started to not ride it as much so felt it was time to let go. Took me a while to sell it as well and could only sell it for 2500. So sad since I bought it for 4200.

Originally posted Sep 21st 2014

Anyways I got this motorcycle recently, 300cc and I LOVE riding it. Plus I look really cool.

Cat vs Pussy…..Hmmmmmmm

I realize that owning a cat and getting pussy are very similar. Both only want attention when THEY want attention. If you want attention, forgetaboutit!

Petting a cat or pussy one day results in happyness but then you do it again and they want nothing to do with you. Whatupwitdat?

Reaching for the cat or pussy is like the best 30 seconds of your life but then after that they want nothing to do with you, yet you are addicted to getting either one.