Rebuttal to switching to Linux

Original draft 9/6/18

Getting on Twitter I see from @Wilw
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“Most of all, to people who care about freedom.” Heh. This is priceless. All you are doing is trading frustration from one OS to another.

While I read most of it, literally the next 17 paragraphs are pointless and not related to the actual story.

“Developers have taken the core code and created different versions tailored to various needs, tastes and computing styles.” This is actually called fracturing, much like what Android is doing. “I dont like what you are doing so I am going to make my own version” – Of course NO ONE complains that Redhat fractured off on there own and you have to pay for support. How is this any different that what Microsoft or Apple is doing?

“When problems occur, the communities that have emerged around free and open-source software are incredibly helpful.” – No there not, at least in my experience and I cant honestly say that my experience would be any different that others attempting the same thing.

“Because I tend to push the edges somewhat in my adoption of this stuff, I’m often asking for help. I always get it.” – What forums are you going to?

“In Microsoft’s case, however, “free” seems to be at the non-trivial cost of invasive data gathering.” – Really? Are you that interesting that you really care? Do you have something to hide?

“Is all this tweaking worth the trouble? I say yes.” – Gets old after a while, always fucking with the operating system, always trying to find an alternative to some windows application, always something.

“One of my current phones runs an OS called Cyanogenmod.” – Another example of Linux fracturing

In fact if Linux was easy to switch to, it would have surpassed the 1% market share.
Very small example: Blender – OpenSource 3D software Web Traffic – 73% windows compared to 5% Linux

I have been using Linux off and on for years. Used Slack (hard core distro – now Arch has taken that title). Used to Debian variants, Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian, so I thought I would try something different.

Small background
Never have used Linux 100% of the time – I would always, always somehow break it and have to reinstall. That’s the appeal, as a general user, Windows has over other distro’s. I don’t have to fuck with it much for it to work. I really don’t feel hampered by the Microsoft noose or its lack of OpenSource’ness(Yes its a real word, in my head at least). Are you really going to comb through thousands of lines of code to see if you could spot a back door, would you know what you are looking for?

Went to Google
Search: Whats the best Linux distro
Best desktop distro: openSUSE

Alright, never used it so I know I was in for some headaches – learning curve

10:00pm – Leap Get the most complete Linux distribution with openSUSE’s latest regular-release version!
10:30pm – ISO to USB, my go to was Linux Live USB maker
Failed to boot the USB, moved the dongle to the back of the PC, failed to boot – Arrgh!
11:00pm – Tried it again this time using Universal USB maker – Still failed to boot
11:30pm – Downloaded the DVD iso
11:52pm – Download failed – Seriously?
11:55pm – Downloading another copy
12:21am – Download failed, again wtf?
12:23am – Trying a different mirror
12:43am – Holy crap on a cracker, download didnt fail
1:07am – Booted to DVD, HURRAY! Installing on a spare 120g SSD
1:13am – Forgot to detach my storage HD and if I wasn’t paying that much attention, would have formatted it. That would have been bad.
1:17am – Rebooted with the storage HD disconnected and rebooted, don’t know what this install routine was but it was stalled. Rebooting.
1:24am – This wants 31gigs for swap – Really? 31 gigs?!?!?!
1:30am – License agreements – No one really reads these things – Blindly clicking agree.
1:32am – Gnome or KDE….Hmmmm picked KDE but would a normal non linux user understand the difference or care? Default was KDE.
1:35am – Noticed 4.5 gigs to download the ISO and another 4 gigs to install the packages
1:49am – Install has completed and now rebooting on the SSD
1:51am – Ok so right off the bat, my 2nd monitor is not working, ran into the same exact thing with Ubuntu.
3:14m – Reading I have to install Nvidia Drivers – Why do I have to install them????? Anyways, had to look up how Yast handles them

In retrospect I should have searched for this:

3:38am – Oooooh this is promising. I recalling having to mess with xorg and some other utility to get this working in Ubuntu.

Day 2
4:00pm – Sound wasnt working, had to reconfigure for Audio Digital Stereo and disable the HDA Nvidia – How would a normal person know this?
4:42pm – Decided to use Notepad++, Hmmmm no linux compatable version – Installed Wine – Had to look this up
5:00pm – Well so far so good and quite impressed with Suse
5:13pm – Getting errors while in Youtube for Firefox – Is this a codec issue? Browser issue? If I use the fast forward I can see that the video is there but its not playing. Tried same link in Chrome, Hmmm works but how many normal people would know this?
5:28pm – Installed Roboform – Chrome no issues – Firefox wont install, unverified. Arrgh! Google search has me go into about:config and change a setting
5:32pm – Ok Firefox sync and Chrome sync enabled, so far painless but more painful for the normal human – If I was more human I would have gone back to Windows.
I realize of course I am not abiding by the “privacy” style the author by getting “free” from the major conglomerates. Google being one of them.

Day 3
Reflecting on what I actually do throughout the day, I really don’t use my PC for much except for general browsing.

Ran into my first real issue. Firefox Roboform Lite giving me a Java script error: Error in Cleanup: is undefined. Went to look in /var/log/messages annnnnnnnd doesnt exist. Forum search from 2014 reveals this is now in some journal file, install syslog-ng but again, how is a regular person supposed to know this?
Anyways gave up, submitted a ticket to Roboform

Annnnd there answer was, roll back to v41, we are currently getting ready to roll into r44 and the list of vulnerabilities is large. This puts me in an uncomfortable spot. Asked them to escalate but I know they wont.

Day 5
Attempted to install Perfect DOS font, somehow installing it the “right” way corrupted the font so I had to install it manually. Uggh. Under Ubuntu you just double click on the zip, then double click on the font and hit install. Suse you have to unzip then drag the font folder to /usr/share/fonts which isnt user friendly.

Day 7
USB wake seems to alude me, windows you just go into settings and enable it. Linux somehow you need to do some trickery – still couldnt figure this out

Day 8
Wifi is not connecting and I cant get the Network Manager to work, this makes me want to switch back to Ubuntu, was so much simplier configuring stuff. Waisted like 2+ hours looking at forums going no where and realized I could have installed Ubuntu in the same time frame. Running LinuxLive USB creator, I have no idea what the fuck its doing. Its just sitting there doing nothing. Anyways USB failed to boot, dont know why so I burned a DVD.

This was a small sampling and I finally gave up and went back to Windows.