Reblogging Elementary...

UPDATE: 10/17/18 1:50 AM –>  This show turned out to be really really good!


This is a new show on CBS, it’s a rip off of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. I liked it but didn’t think it was the best show I ever saw when I saw Sherlock Holmes, one of the neat things I liked about the BBC show was how Sherlock viewed how he was deducing. Shadowy words would fly off the person as clues…that was a neat effect.
I however think they got the Main Character right, he looks and acts the part correctly, Lucy Lui on the other hand as Watson….I dunno time will tell but doesn’t seem to fit in the show.

I almost always see this….

While I do love Linux but I also love any Unix like variant. I do use Linux and FreBSD however I do not think this is appropriate to blurt out. With that said Linux/Freebsd or any other Unix variant comes with headaches where as Windows comes with annoyances.

I am not sure WHY people have to always say this when it comes to Windows, this is like apples and oranges. I did however see a nice reply that I thought was appropriate:

That made me laugh.

Movie Ratings….

You know its really hard to understand why a movie fails when you see this type of thing:


And then you see this:


THE Number 1 requested DVD title. Sadly this isn’t coming out till December. Super lame. I guess movie failures means come out later?

–> UPDATE: 11/24/2016 04:33AM:  Well looks like it “came” out earlier than expected. Was a decent movie over all. Watching it a 2nd time started to see the flaws in the movie. Like the guy who can scale anything…how is that a super hero? I mean I know that’s not the only thing but that’s the one that sticks out the most. I guess he was the equivalent to the red shirt guy on Star Trek, you know he was the one to get off’ed.


So I spent 2 freaking days trying to get into my website due to a older password after I uploaded my DB of posts when I could have just done a Posts exports and then imported. I r dumb!

Migrated older blog entries to this one…

I was finally able to migrated my various blogs entries to this one, I didn’t know how to do it before now but figured it out, there are over 154 more entries to read about, woooooooo.

You are going to notice that some of the pictures did not transfer, sadly, this will be something to work on as time permits. Most likely from work.