SSD Long Term Use article, posted for posterity…and well because I keep forgetting…

Those concerned about SSD wear should read this report:

Two calculations are in there:

  • The older assumes 100k cycles per cell, writing 3.4 Terabyte of data to a 160 GB SSD daily will leave your SSD functional for almost 13 years.
  • The newer assumes 2 million cycles per cell, constant (sic!) writing at 80 GB/sec on a 64 GB SSD will leave it intact for more than 50 years.

Mysql issues…..

I installed Mysql and I couldn’t log into the database!! Arrgh…if nothing else this gives me great experience fiddling with this stuff. 
1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)
Anyways found the solution here.

Annoying project time line….

Ever notice that when you HAVE the time to do any project over the weekend, the stuff you ordered doesn’t come during that time? Maybe its just me.
I ordered this SSD on the 20th, said it was going to get here sometime in Sept, which incidentally made me a sad Panda, then I got an email saying…Ohh we got it sooner than expected you are going to get it in the next 4 days.
PERFECT, then I can do something over the weekend but I go and look and it hasnt shipped yet.
DAMNIT!! This means I wont get it over the weekend, aargh!!

Hybrid drives…yeah MEH

So I got a hybrid drive for my Hackint0sh, I am not impressed with it at all. I mean its pretty zipped for a small drive but not as much as a SSD, sooooooo I got a 512gig SSD.
The kicker? 7-8 months ago i bought a 250 gig for the exact same price, good to know the prices are coming down.

OOOoooooo these are really neat commands…

From the client: echo “something” | nc -u -q0 ip port
On the server: nc -l -u -s ip -p port – you should see the word “something” pop up on the server
More neat commands:
netstat -ulnp will list udp ports
netstat -antp will list tcp ports
ps auxf
iptables –list
This allowed me to fix my mosh issue, after I removed the bin and reinstalled it again.

*SIGH* My new system is already crashing…..

Now I remember why I went with Mac in the first place and this is the very reason why. I had my first BSOD, fltmgr.sys has issues, when I rebooted my HD light was on non stop.
So now its chkdsk time, so far its been an hour at 10% and sadly I have taken it out on my cat.
Hmmm seems to be stuck at 89628 out of 166128 files, well this isn’t good.

Buying a rMBP to run Linux is stupid!!

Why would you buy a very expensive rMBP just to run linux on it? Buy a freakin cheap laptop and run it. I would never even run linux native on a macBook Pro anyways, it seems redundant considering Mac’s do pretty much everything that linux can run.