Getting a TON of errors for ALSPlugin…

I was fixing some pictures I took of my hackintosh and Skitch was acting weird, so i checked the console and it was spamming the following:
9/9/12 1:45:26.887 AM ALSPlugin 235.55[67]: Failed to get brightness for displayID 0x042803c0
TONS of these were flowing in the console message….found the fix:
1) Launch terminal
2) type:
    sudo launchctl stop
(must authenticate with your super user passowrd for this)
Also fixed by:
System Prefs -> Display and unchecking and rechecking Automatic Adjustment Brightness


This is a new show on CBS, it’s a rip off of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. I liked it but didn’t think it was the best show I ever saw when I saw Sherlock Holmes, one of the neat things I liked about the BBC show was how Sherlock viewed how he was deducing. Shadowy words would fly off the person as clues…that was a neat effect.
I however think they got the Main Character right, he looks and acts the part correctly, Lucy Lui on the other hand as Watson….I dunno time will tell but doesn’t seem to fit in the show.