Reading Hunger Games

So I have started to read this book, it’s okay I guess but I didn’t see the appeal. Maybe I can finish it before the end of the world.

*** UPDATE 3/15/2016 10:44 AM –> LOL I still haven’t finished this book.

12/21… it going to happen?

The count down to the end of the world is almost upon us, as of this writing it’s 8 day’s till then. I would think that if it was really going to end we would start seeing allot more weather events or earthquakes or something huge but nada, we are moving along in a very slow death race of our own making. Plus if it did end suddenly would we ever know? Oh well, I have WOW and porn to work with till then I guess we will see.

Memory Issues

I have been making comments on my memory issues and I finally figured out the issue, I could have figured it out a long time ago but I was lazy and started to play wow and I have an SSD which makes rebooting a rather moot point, I mean really when you reboot in less than 10 seconds its not a really big deal but I finally broke down and ran MemTest for like 2 days and four 1 bad memory module. I called Corsair and they wanted me to send them back all 4 modules, weird but I understand why. You start intermingling the different models and you could make matters worse. So I got an advanced exchange and it should arrive shortly, now the question begs, do I send another 2 days testing that ram to be sure there not an issue?

VPS Continued… many hackers…

Well I wacked the VPS again……due to not knowing if I was hacked or not but on the bright side I have documented a lot of what I did already so it should be pretty easy going.

The last couple of things I ran started sinking with is from here:

This is a pretty good site so I started to implement some of the stuff here:

Also found this but started to get some wackado results:

psad and ossec, I played with psad and got tons of emails on false positives……so i guess next is to try ossec

Something weird this time, I don’t know why i keep getting these wacko results:
apt-get install most, not found? Whhhaaaaaat? It installed before what the hell? Arrgh. I have installed Ubuntu 11 64bit from the last time but maybe I installed 32 bit? Now I am not sure.

Hmm well it barfed on the ./ like I made in my last post, so this time I installed libtool and this time it worked.

No package ‘openssl’ found *SIGH*


$ sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:keithw/mosh
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install mosh

I think this is what I did before but failed to make note of it. Ok well that did work, so hurray!

Ok, onwards!

Product placement + Elementary the TV show

So I have been watching this show, as I have said in other posts, it’s a good rip off of the BBC show Sherlock Holmes. In this latest episode. “You do it to yourself”, he finds local pedifiles by making grand gestures, deliberate camera placement, by connecting the keyboard and flipping the back stand out before proceeding.

WOW!! I mean really?!?!?!

Ok admittedly it does look cool but was it really necessary to make grandiose gestures to do something that simple?

Windows 8….

I got Win8 today and a new SSD. HURRAY!! Yeah that only lasted so long till I got to the product code. WHY did they have to freakin put the letters so F’IN small?? I mean really whats the freakin point?? Anti piracy measure??? Anyways took me a magnifying glass, a led flash light and JUUUST the right angle to get it going but this was only after the 5th time where the B’s looked like 8’s which they decided to put right next to each other!! Arrgh.
Admittedly this is a really nice OS, the tiles are growing on me and brings a fresh look to the OS……now what ails me is the memory issue that has been haunting me all of this time so I have started running memtest before I go to work and running another before I go to bed so I can get through all of my 32 gigs ram within a decent time frame.
These are corsair mem stick so I hope I can get them replaced from the company if they are indeed defective.

VPS continued…I am feeling bad…

Sooo I got this VPS thinking I would go all out on it and I have hardly touched it, its rather expensive to have but since its paid for a whole year I guess there isn’t anything I can do about it, funny thing is every time I look into this vps i seem to be missing things i thought I did.

I logged into it I am finding stuff missing like Webmin, which I have documented as being installed in my last post. Maybe I sacked the VPS again to start over, I really don’t remember.

So to recap some of whats been going on:

July I started to exercise and I was at 282 pounds, fast forward I am now at 250 pounds but I want to lose more a bit faster so I have employed the help of Medifast. It’s really expensive!! Like 320$ a month expensive and they are nothing more than shakes really, and I have been sorta cheating on my diet, not extreme cheating but enough where it’s making a difference and I am not losing weight. I however am thinking that I will switch to weight watchers as its less expensive and not as strict with what I want to eat.

I bought a Kindle Fire HD, its nice BUUTTT buyers remorse has set in and It feel like an iPad which is weird since you era so many articles on how the android platforms are better than the Apple platforms but I can’t find any difference. I did however get this for 150$ so it’s not all bad. It was cheaper but does it really warrant the 200$ difference.

I bought a 250 gig SSD + Win8 Pro, I am hoping this will resolve my crashing all of the time, I get these tomorrow so I at least will have a small project to keep me busy then its back to warcrack. Although admittedly I haven’t played much in the last couple of days.