New Years Resolutions BUSTED!!!

1) I will “try” and not spend any money this year on stuff, even if it’s so kewl i HAVE to have it!

Yeah……this didn’t last long at all. I started getting into DAZ 3D Studio and all of the content…I have spent about 200$ so far. Man I suck.

I am sore…….this sucks!!

I am losing weight and…you would think I would feel better but I feel the same as I have always felt, sometimes awake and sometimes tired. So when I was a kid I was able to sleep on my back and stomach but as I grew older, I started to sleep on my sides and it was comfortable. As I gained weight I noticed that when I slept on my back I would snore myself awake yet when I slept on my side I could go to sleep just fine without issue.

Now i can’t sleep on my sides because it feels like my hips or leg bones are being crushed by my weight and they start to go numb and now that area is sensitive, which sucks.

I can’t fall asleep on my back anymore so now I really haven’t been getting a lot of sleep and on top of that I kind of like this diet…I am not really eating heavy foods and don’t feel like I ate to much.

So all I can do at this point is lose more weight and hope it gets better.

Splashtop is amazing

I can’t not say good things about this application. I have Logmein and its very much like VNC in that in updates small chunks of squares and you can se a definite lag when you are scrolling on the screen, splash top is nice and smooth. I just wished it was available on more platforms, like Linux, while it is available its only available via a tablet and not a desktop client.

Someday a “friend” will see this blog and….

Someday I will tell my “friend” about this blog and see how I feel about him ignoring me over really stupid things. For instance, I was fishing in WOW, I got all 3 of the fishes to turn in to Nat Pagel. I gloat, why? Because that’s what friends do and what do I get in return? Silence for 3 days. Why you ask? Because I got them before he did.

2013 and what I hope to accomplish this year

1) I will “try” and not spend any money this year on stuff, even if it’s so kewl i HAVE to have it!

2) Attempt to lose all of the weight I have gained over the last 18 years, I have already dropped from 280 to 250 and at one point got down to 245 then back up to 250 but that was through Medifast, I just couldn’t justify spending that much on a diet that I wasn’t seeing results for, my fear was also once getting off of it, that I would gain it all back, So I switched back to WW