Just my 2cents worth

I came across this article:


And then this comment:

99% of his other pictures depicting women are of them with that same submissive expression, generally with their butts in the air or their hips upturned or legs wide apart or their bare breasts hanging out of their fingers dangling suggestively near their plate panties. That artist may draw whatever he likes, but I really, really question the wisdom of commissioning an artist who basically draws porn.

It does offend me. The OP asked for thoughts and I was expressing them. I realize my viewpoint isn’t a popular one, but I never called for torches and pitchforks. I just think it was a really dumb choice for the people who control the site.

I disagree, 95% of video gamers are males and are attracted to said hypersexualization, I like it but then I am a guy and a normal guy AND on top of that, the Internet is actually controlled by the Adult industry, so why this person had to get offended is beyond me, there will ALWAYS be hypersexualization in pretty much everything because, lets face it, it sells.

Well crap…gained weight….

Well, it’s really my fault. WW says this is normal and to think about what I ate and to not do it again. I know what I ate that F’ed me up.

I ate Pizza……Wife brought Coscto Pizza, 1 slice is 16 points and I have 48 points for the week. I ate 2 before work, 2 before I went to sleep. I got to work and there was Veggy Pizza…that was prob 12 points. I ate 2 of those during work and 2 more before I went to sleep. So that’s 144 points….UUGH!!!

For my BDay I had the macaroni and cheese…ohhh soooo good and prob 48 points per spoon full.

I had the BBQ ribs……ohhh these are sooooooooo good as well.

Anything that tastes so good I know its bad for you.

I think the reason I didn’t gain anymore weight was because I stayed with the treadmill.

UPDATE – 02/04 5:59PM -> I am a weak weak man, I ate 2 pieces of pizza and a apple pastry thingy before going to sleep, well the pizza I ate last night but the apple thingy I ate before going to sleep. *sigh*

Hmmm my site is offline….

Seems after the VPS maintenance my site decided to take a dump and no longer shows up……will F with it tomorrow. Before I shut down apache I saw that mysql wasn’t working but again, I will mess with it tomorrow, prob whilst I am at work.

UPDATE – 02/03 11:46PM -> Hmmmm well I tried to get it working with it still up but I couldn’t figure out why it would work for 30 seconds and then just stop responding, so I rebooted the box. That seemed to fix it. Weird that I have to reboot a unix box.

Hackint0sh upgrade feasco….

So I have been putting off upgrading or booting into my hackint0sh due to just playing in Win8 and WOW. Well my BDay was today and I played for 1 hour only.

Jump started my truck due to leaving some battery sucking thingy. This was a neat thing, it’s a battery jumper/light/compressor…it was like 60$ at Costco…well worth it. Once I got the right directions this started the truck right away.

I got on the treadmill for an hour.

(As I am wringing this I am watching Jimmy Neutron, next to Dextors lab, it’s the best show.)

Went out to eat.

Cleaned the house for a bit.

Got some *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* saynomore.

Decided to work on my Hackint0sh:

Downloaded the combo updater, downloaded the new MultiBeast 5.2.1, downloaded the new NVideo drivers

http://hacksbyalfa.com/post/37512806211/thunderbolt-kepler <– the go to site since he has the exact same equipment as I do

Backed up my Hackint0sh using Superduper but I also want to make sure that I have a time machine backup, so this is paused for now till its done. Time for a movie.

UPDATE – 02/03 10:54PM -> Well I wound up killing my hack. Kernel panic *sigh*. I went to use the backup disk but for whatever reason barfed and I had to shut it down so I think I F’ed that up as well and I am not sure if I want to even go back to the hack…its so freakin sensitive to any file changes.

UPDATE – 02/04 5:56PM -> Well crap on a cracker, I only installed 2 things this time, Chimera and Mac Pro 5,1 and it kernel panicked, so recovered again. Uggh takes like 2 hours to recover back to what it was. I might have to reinstall from scratch.

UPDATE – 02/06 4:58AM -> FIXED!!! And I was able to install the latest NVidia driver. HURRAY!!