DD-WRT or OpenWRT….

So I was looking at my NetGear WNDR3700v2 the other day and saw how old the firmware was on it. Since I had soooo many issues getting OpenWRT working on this in the first place I thought I would bypass the whole thing and go with a new router for 55$.

I picked the Buffalo WZR-300HP that already has DD-WRT installed on it. Worked right off the bat….ORRRRR so I thought. I started to get some weird disconnects and browsing issues. Not only that but hackers were trying to access SSH. I know its just a matter of time before they do so I started to look into fail2ban for OpenWRT.

Yeah it’s not made for it. Soooo I found that there is something similar called LogTrigger BUT Id have to compile my own build.

Ok well so sometimes at work its a little slow, install Ubuntu, get the build essentials installed in a VM. Even VM, this thing is bloody fast on a SSD.

Followed http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howtobuild/build.wndr3700, added log trigger from the config I normally get my image from: http://enduser.subsignal.org/~trondah/latest-release-is-r34054/

Back to the Buffalo router, I tried and failed to get opkg installed on it. I did find an article on how to do it but its seems to be missing some steps as when I follow them, they don’t work and it errors out.

I am actually thinking of using my RaspberryPi to use as a ssh gateway now and just forget all of this rubbish…but its fun to have these low powered linux boxes. At least whilst I am doing these mini projects. Then they just sit there.

Tablets, my 2cents worth

I have been spending money on the newest iPad’s up until the last year and just now realizing how much I actually use the device since I have gotten it.

1) Use to when I am in the library AKA taking a dump
2) Use it to watch whatever when I am on the treadmill

Both of those don’t really justify spending the kind of money Apple charges, even though I love there devices and computers. I have a Kindle HD which is smaller and lighter but I most use it for the occasional reading a book, watching a movie or…….taking it to the bathroom.

The question remains, do I really need to spend gobs of money to just in the end take it to the bathroom?