DYNDNS can suck it!!!!

Starting now, if you would like to maintain your free Dyn account, you must log into your account once a month. Failure to do so will result in expiration and loss of your hostname. This activity helps us eliminate hostnames that are no longer needed and/or dormant. Note that using an update client will no longer suffice for this monthly login.

We understand that the possibility of resulting service interruptions may be frustrating, so we are offering a one-time transition upgrade to VIP status (Dyn Pro) for just $10 USD. Under this status, login will not be required and service will remain uninterrupted for an entire year.

Complete and utter bullshit!!!! I mean they still offer their stupid client but to jack up the free accounts is lame as hell. And here I am sitting at work with no way to get to my boxes at home because I relied on this service…well fuck you I say. I will NEVER recommend there services to anyone ever again.

I will be using an alternative from now on. Stupid decisions made by a stupid company.

To continue or not to continue…..

I have been debating to continue or not continue my yearly subscription for the VPS. I really don’t know if its something I want to continue doing or if I should go back to Tumblr. I am leaning towards Tumblr as its…well free. I did have fun working on my own box but now I really don’t see the need as I have been posting less and less as of late because I am not doing anything worth making reference to.

UPDATE – 05/19 2:05AM -> Ok seems I will not get a discount so I don’t see the need in spending 80$ a year. I have other things I can spend this money on for the year……even though it only comes to like 7$ a month…which isn’t bad..still.

Retirement for my Raspberry Pi…

When I got this I thought, neat a cheap shell box. As time went on and I started to experience the issues related to it. I originally got it for 35$, that was the cheap part. Then I kept getting these cases for it that exponentially increased the value. I then added a hub, hd etc. It worked well enough but every 8 days or so it would poop out and lock up. I finally read somewhere about a mini-ATX board.

So I spent around 230 for the case, memory and power supply. I already had a spare SSD.

This already gave me more flexibility, well I am not sure if flexibility is the right word but it sure is much faster and it runs fairly cool.