And so it ends, sorta

On March 21st I posted a little experiment on getting some supplements to assist with weight loss, it is now 9 days later and what are the results?

I gained 4 lbs, as I have deduced, these pills didn’t do diddly……less than diddly squat. There is more than NOT changing what you do and taking pills to lose weight, anyone who tells you different is full of crap.

While I am not surprised I am a little disappointed in the results. Ohh well I will take the remaining pills and just go back to the eating a little bit every 2.5 hours.

And so it begins….

Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplements

OK, so here is Day 1 of this regiment. I am already seeing differences in the directions from the original article and the directions on the bottles.

1. Take one Super Garcinia Cambogia drop per day (in the morning)
2. Take one Green Coffee Cleanse pill per day (in the evening)

While on the labels for this, its says take 3 times a day.

Anyways on this day I weight 220 lbs and have 47.5 inches around my belly.

14 Day Trial…..Believable? Maybe…

Ok so first off, I always, well most always, delete spam. I hate it. However, in this case I took a chance and will start a 14 day trial run of what I saw on Facebook, it only cost me 10$.

Super Garcinia Cambogia &  Green Coffee Cleanse, both of these were featured in Mens Health.

I should also point out that I maintain a normal exorcize routine. I am either on the treadmill walking/running for 45 mins watching Fringe, or going out for an hour on my Eliptigo.

So theoretically, I “should” lose more weight during the same testing.

Some of the pit falls I face:

  • Eating when I am not hungry
  • Eating when I get home, which is when I go to sleep because I work nights

Eating when I am not hungry is common for those on diets who have become overweight, its a mental condition. Mostly its while watching TV, I feel the need to snack and wind up over eating.

Eating when I get home, I feel hungry but I know that if I eat I will have a stomach ache which ruins my sleep OR I burp up stomach acid, if I am lucky it wont go up my nose, which is really really painful.

VPS part 2, second time is better right?

So until I post my older posts, this is the 2nd time I have setup a WordPress site.

I can’t really find a theme that I like, I did find one but man it costs like 99$, not sure I want to spend that kind of money on some random thoughts.