I dont know whats wrong with me….

I really REALLY want to learn to 3D render BUT I am finding it difficult to push past the learning curve for any of the 3D Moddlers. I really wish I was “THAT” guy that can just pick it up and run with it. *SIGH*

ProxMox VS VMware ESXi……..

Back story on this is, I set up a ESXi server to simulate a small lab. I shut it down because the air fan I got with my CPU was loud, so I spent about 2 months looking for and failing to find, a low profile CPU fan. I finally found one but when I booted it up I no longer had a valid license to continue to use. I decided since I was down for a few months anyways the VM’s currently on the box wernt THAT important, so I thought I would try ProxMox.


Easy to install, gui was good looking and it looked promising till I got to installing my WIN8 VM, man…I spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to get it installed. It said I needed some Redhat drivers but my cd didnt contain any. Looked on the web site and didnt get anyware. I knew if I installed Linux I wouldnt have any issue but that wasnt the point. After the 4th hour I gave up. You shouldnt have to spend that long to get something like that working so I went back to ESXi.


Within 30 mins I had a WIN8 install up and running, easy peasy. The only thing I have to worry about is the free license. Now the only thing I am dealing with at the moment is trying to get the temp snmp trap working and I have been unsuccessful. I did download and install PRTG which is light years better than it used to be.

Twitter Post Long Explanation……

I posted this recently on twitter:

evry CG post u point out is the resn “Why no one uses Blender” post, its all 3dsMax/Maya & Zbrush, NOT Blender, snds wrong msg

I am by no means an articulate person, regardless on how its presented the message should still come across the same:

As a beginner in CG modeling, what should I choose? I have seen countless posts and countless answers which boil down to, use whatever works for you. This however doesn’t make any sense in the respect that you have to put time into what ever application you use to even become remotely decent with it. If you change it then you are incurring more time to learn how to use that application. As a beginner, I think its important to pick 1 and run with it. Do you choose the industry standard AKA 3DsMax/Maya/Lightwave/Cinema4D/MODO + ZBrush, which incidently will BANKRUPT you or go with the free alternative, Blender. So far I have yet to see something you couldn’t do in Blender yet I hardly see anyone use it, why?

Andrew Price, well I love his accent (Who doesnt love it when he says Texttah and Shadeah) no offense to his accent really, I love his tutorials. They are amazing and I was sad to listen to his “Improving Blenders UI” session when he mentioned that he was doing tutorials of the same thing and sounded sad about it. He regularly points out some AMAZING CG pics on his twitter feed, I mean OMG thats soo F’in cool amazing, but to me which sends the wrong message.

The message being “Why arent you using Blender?”, well thats why. @3DArtist @3DWorld there whole mag is full of artists and none of them are Blender pictures. That makes me sad really because how am I supposed to choose? As a very small example, I love AO renders, its soooooo easy to do in Blender and NOT so easy to do in Maya.

I am still at a cross road.

I REALLY want to make a Minion, you want to make a Minion? Look on YouTube, there is one there for Blender but it looks like ass. Not to say mine would look any better but eventually I want it to look good. I did find another YouTube video made in all Maya, going from start to finish. With the texture, rigging, posing, lighting everything. You start in Maya then move to Blender to do the same thing, you wind up asking a ton of questions. This takes more time. You get on IRC, unless you are a someone you get no response. You go on the forums and hope that someone doesn’t misread, or you aren’t detailed enough and get the wrong answer.

The one on YouTube that’s done in Maya, references a link to a web site that has other artists doing there version of a Minion as part of a contest. Again, amazing renders all NOT done in Blender. Again, why?

*SIGH* /endrant

Mighty Mugg!!!


Hurray!!! I actually emailed one of the authors of the ambient occlusion videos on YouTube and got a response and he was kind enough to part with the model, so what better way to celebrate my good fortune but to stick him in a newly rendered scene. Very nice. I donno why I like the AO renders but I do.