DoomJuice attempts…

You know, I am shocked that DoomJuice is still in the wild. It was introduced in 2004 and 10 years later……say it with me…TEN years….really??? Its still around. WTF??

Consolidated update….



I have stopped for some reason, always finding something else to do, watching how someone does something then its time to go to work. Not sure what my issue is frankly.


I got this device after I had ordered it from the manufacture and canceled it. It turned out to be more expensive then I originally thought so asked to have my money refunded due to lame (really lame) communication. I saw it on NewEgg and a month later I got it. Small device thats great as a low power shell server. It took me freakin 3 weeks to finally get a working version of Ubuntu 14 on it. So far very happy with the results. BUT this is what contributed to the Blender stoppage.

Hybrid Laptop

I thought it high time to get the mother unit a new laptop, I have been seeing these refurb ASUS Transformers on Tiger Direct. I was rather impressed with it so I am glad I got it for her.


I bought this vid card in May and a couple of days ago I went to go play a game and my pc shut down, when I booted it back up I reached over to turn it on and smelled burning. Crap! Anyways no video when I turned it on. Talking with the tech support, while they had to go through the motions, decided to get me the rma and it will be here Wednesday

EVGA Titan Z

OMG!! Me wants!!! 3k for one though I not sure me wants it now. and the super clocked on, me wants! Now I just need to win the lottery.

The inconvienence of neighbors….

So for the last few weeks this big ass truck has been parking in front of our house. We have 3 cars so because this person keeps parking in front of our house, we have to keep playing the car shuffle. This to me is inconsiderate to others and this is why I hate people.

The conversation primarily went:

Me: Hey how much longer is your friend going to be parking in front of our house?
Jerkface: Well probably another week maybe a week and a half
Me: Can you ask him to park around the corner instead? (Knowing full well the answer that was about to spew forth from his mouth)
Jerkface: Ohh so you like parking there? That’s your favorite spot huh? Isn’t this street all public parking?
Me: (Knows where this is going so I walked away at this point)

This is the same AHOLE that moves HIS car and parks it in front of our house for whatever reason because its more convenient for him and doesn’t take into account that its more inconvenient for us to play car shuffle.