Linux Update ……


So I had like 45 mins to fart around on this again, I came across this post, actually came across this post many times but didnt know what to do with it. Anyways, I applied the xorg.conf file they mentioned in this post then ran xrandr -q to get the ID of which output it was using and HURRAY!! It worked.


Surface Pro 3 Update….


OK well it seems me looking at the website to see if they will send it quicker is a moot point. August 1st is the official date that the i7 is released and wont get it any sooner. Oh well.

OMG Soooooooo annoying…….


Ok so I have enjoyed owning every version of iPad since they have come out, I have put up with the little annoyances because well, it’s an iPad. It does one thing well and that’s a media consumption device.

Especially when one goes and takes a crap.

I actually ran into one of those annoyances and it really solidified my decision in getting a Surface Pro 3.

You can’t stream movies directly from your storage device directly to the iPad. Fucking annoyingly, you have to have a PC on in order to do it and it’s a serious pain in the ass.

Even more annoying is I have the Retina iPad and it doesn’t display it’s natural screen resolution when you want to remote in.

Arrrgh stupid back order!!!

Surface Pro 3


I keep logging into the Microsoft store to see if it ships before 8/1 but then I see it still saying backordered. Makes me a sad Panda, still looking at least 3 more weeks before I get it. Longest 3 weeks EVAR!



Linux experiment
As an experiment I thought I would install Linux to prove my below gibberish.

3:40pm Installed Ubuntu
3:48pm Booted onto the new 120g SSD
3:55pm Rebooted after installing updates
3:55pm Display only at 1024×768 (bummers)
4:01pm Looking for nvidia drivers, had to look up how to do it. Really?? There is like 10 answers on this, most involved terminal voodoo but saw the addition drivers mentioned and clicked on that. This really should have been in the settings section.
4:05pm Selected the driver but it’s not obvious that you need to reboot.
4:05pm Rebooted
4:06pm Booted my Dell into the proper display resolution but my main into 800×600. Grr.
4:16pm Came across 1 post detailing how to fix it. Of course it didn’t work.
4:30pm Looked around some more about this and started to determine this would take much more work.
5:00pm Ok we’ll at this point I gave up and got something to eat and watch some TV.

The problem is that my particular setup involves a 30″ Catleap AKA Yamakasi monitor which is an LG monitor but I got it for 350$ (They sell on eBay for 419$, totally worth it. However the downside is it only has 1 dvi input, my Dell, which was 999$, has like every known input). It’s a true 30″ so I get 2560×1600 or what ever. Linux doesn’t know what kind of monitor this is because it’s generic.

However this solidifies my other post, Windows had/has 0 issues bring up both these monitors. Even OSX had no issues but like Linux, takes a bit of fucking with to get working. Even on upgrades you have to follow a certain procedure otherwise you lose the whole OS.

IF I even posted this exact article on a Linux forum I would be spammed with suggestions on how to fix it and about 90% of them wouldn’t work.

If I had just booted into windows, I wouldn’t even need to post anything because the nvidia driver and windows takes care of all of that.

This is actually the first of MANY issues you run into when running this OS.

An old saying, there is a price for freedom.

Is this the freedom you are really looking for? Or want? What is your time worth?

Basically in the same time it took to install Linux and fix the various issues, which incidentally I never mentioned that my sound didn’t work, you could have installed windows, installed all the updates and drivers and installed a game and been playing without much effort.

To me that’s the freedom I like.

Slightly irritated with the following…..


Escape Windows – HMMmmmm for a fact you will never 100% escape windows, for a fact I know this to be true. You will always find a reason to flip back to windows.
Your Fool Proof Guide to Installing Linux – Is a false statement. I attempted to install Linux Mint, just to try it out and fuck if it didn’t boot at all on me, tried for about 3 hours. I gave up. Windows installed no problem.
Enjoy the power and freedom – Yeah because if you run windows you are running a week system?!?!?! Really?? I don’t think so. Freedom is also a false sense of freedom like what we are presently. If you are a good person and abide by the laws, you will never know you are not free. You can go around as you please. If you are a bad person, you are tracked EVERYWHERE, then it becomes apparent you really aren’t free.

Besides this is what they don’t tell you. With windows you install it and then spend some time getting all of the updates and latest drivers and you can pretty much forget it. With linux you will be spending hours fucking with it, which is fine if you WANT to spend the time fucking with it. If you have nothing to do then this is good to mess around in. I personally recommend a VM to play with it if you are going to but as a replacement I wouldn’t do it. The “freedom and power” will only take you so far till you get sick of it. I read Linux doesn’t even support dual monitors out of the box, which for me, is a #1 priority for me. Once you go multi screen you never go back.

Open Source advocates always demand the source code to all the apps but ill bet you 99% of those asking for it, wouldn’t even know what to look for or where to look if there was some sort of key-logger or whatnot, this is why I ALWAYS roll my eyes at those demanding the source code to applications and those that get all uppity at the fact that M$ doesn’t release its source code. Who F’in cares?!?!?!?!

Test Update…trying out this new blogging app


I have MacJournal but I haven’t used it since switching back to the PC platform, on one hand it sucks as I don’t have the unix guts to mess with but on the other I now have to be extra vigilant about virus’s. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Ohh man, spell checker on here really blows, what the heck? OMG, haven’t spell checked comes up as haven…..what the crap kind of spell check is this?!?!?!?!?!?

UPDATE 7/15/2014 7:54 PM –> There was even more common words I used that didn’t seem to conform to the internal spell checker so I am thinking that I will NOT be purchasing this software and just sticking to M$ Windows writer or the internal editor. BAH!! Also what really sucks is the look, I gotta say that the OSX version is really nice to look at whilst (fancy!) the windows version just really looks like it was slapped together and still priced the same. BAH!

Another consolidated update….


What have I been doing?

Not a damned thing that’s even worth mentioning. I exercise for 60-70 mins, then watch a little tv, putz around on the pc for a bit and go to work. I took a stab at running and felt like I was running in water, legs and feet felt like dead weights. Felt fine till the next day when I couldn’t move, bottom of my feet were sore, I was walking around like an old man.

I still have 40lbs I want to lose which doesn’t seem to be coming off, not sure if its because I cheat (this is most likely the cause, damned carby salty snacky goodness!!) or not doing enuf for exercise but I do realize that at some point I will need to start jogging on a more consistent basis. Almost every weight loss story I have read involved jogging for 30+ mins. My eventual long term goal is to finish a 5K run without stopping.


New version came out annnnnnnnnnnnd haven’t touched it. I realize of course that I will not get better if I sit back and watch video’s about it rather then doing it but at this point its just more interesting to see the end result.

Surface 3

Last couple posts I mentioned that I really enjoyed the hybrid laptop I got for my mom, well I decided to get the Surface Pro 3, this also doubles as a tablet and triples as a Wacom tablet. I also intend to stop bringing my very large bag of computers and crap so its not so cumbersome to tote around.

I am also going back to drawing to see if that helps me with some of the blender stuff I eventually want to do. I feel the Surface 3 will get me going since I don’t have to sit at my pc desk and do this. This way I can actually draw mock ups and not roll my eyes at the doddle that I composed and wonder what the hell it was I was attempting to come up with.

I almost forgot, I bought the Surface 3 but its backordered ( I got the i7 256g version, pre-order! BAH!! ). I really hate waiting for shineys. I been hoping to get an email from M$ stating that its shipped but alas, I have to wait till Aug 1st before its shipped. Sad panda!!

I have to say that this is the first M$ device that has a 4.5 star rating, all really good. Every 3rd party artist really love it. DOH!! Makes me want it all the more!!!


This lead me into the topic of OSX/Linux, I LOVE these OS’s….really I do BUT the downside is (in fact both myself and my daughter have been booting back into windows and staying there) that I need to mess with them. OSX not so much but the downside to this OS is the lack of Apps compared to the PC. With Linux I have to specifically made a PC for it otherwise it will not boot and I am really trying not to collect more PC’s as of late. I have 2 PC’s that I currently use on a consistant basis that I am good with. 1) Because I am hardly in my room these days and 2) Uhhhhh I am hardly playing anything and cant sit in my chair for longer than 30 mins at a time.

Now I have just completely switched back to the PC platform, once I get the Surface 3, then it will be a complete transformation.


Very excited to get a retweet from no one special BUT it was related to our cat, Noodles.


Here is the link to the cute picture of him….soooooooo cute!!!!

Spider kitten, spider kitten does what a spider kitten does
He just climbed on a wall
oh no he didn’t cuz he just fell
Watchout, here comes the spider kitten

Spider kitten spider kitten does what a spider kitten does
All he does is butt your face
Why is that because hes so cute
Watchout, here comes the spider kitten