Consolidated Update…..yes another one because I am lazy…..

Time flies

Man time flies, I cant believe I haven’t updated this blog since July…..sheesh


So long time ago in a galaxy far far away I decided I wanted to ride a motorcycle, here is a picture of what I looked like


This shows me at around 360 lbs btw. I was so big I couldn’t find any leather pants that fit so I used ASSless chaps (snicker), I looked rediculous in them but its a safety measure

Anyways I got this motorcycle recently, 300cc and I LOVE riding it. Plus I look really cool.


Quit the change I would say, I am now at 220, still not where I want to be and I am hovering at between obese and over weight according to the BMI

Surface Pro 3

So I have been on this PC/Tablet since I have gotten it and I have to say, I have been impressed with it. I now hardly use my iPad and find it lacking


I found a tutorial and did this on my SP3, it wasn’t that bad really and didn’t take that long but it sure ran the fan like crazy. It came out REALLY good I think. Looks like real wood and the lighting is really good. One think id like to do is add more cracks into the model but that would prob take forever and make it worse.

What really sucks is I cant seem to stick with it for very long so I never really get good at it. I don’t believe its a Blender issue, I think its a my issue.

wood cup

Tabletop Game

I started to play DnD with my buddy who didn’t think I would like it, I didn’t even know if i would like it. In fact I was seriously going to cop outta the game because I have doodly for imagination so I didn’t think I would enjoy it at all. As it turns out I really enjoy the session and look forward to to the sessions on the weekends. I even got my daughter involved and she is a blast to play with.