The table top game I actually look forward to playing…….

This is a story that dates back to my childhood, my friends and I would get together and play DnD. At the time it was v1 of the game. I did NOT understand it and in retrospect we didn’t know how to play.

I borrowed 4-5 books and took them to school only to have them stolen out of my locker, I never did play again.

I do remember we seemed to have skipped to level 50 and i cast a firespell and leveled a forest, we had to go back and reseed it.

ANYWAYS, my friend spent years trying to convince me to play, I finally caved in and said I would give it 1 shot.

2 months later I just hit level 4 and I am having a blast.

2 weeks ago I was on-call and got 3 hours of sleep, so I got something extravagant.

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So pretty and heavy.

Friends made a comment that these dice better not be cursed, most expensive cursed dice evar! So I used them during our last session and funny thing was, everyone rolled so low or 1s that we had an instance where the DM kept rolling 1s that the mobs died of collateral damage. Good times!

So not cursed. Unless of course I am spreading my cooties to the others.

Shadow Of Modor…what a load of crap



OK So I actually BOUGHT this game rather than “acquiring it for an extended period of time for personal evaluation purposes”, I got the season pass along with it so I thought I was set for DLC’s. I started it up and noticed that something wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t do one of the moves that required the space bar. OK so maybe it was a fluke, I hit ESC to get to the main menu and nothing happens, OK maybe my KB needs to be charged so I swap out to a different KB, I cant even get past the first spirit tower.

OMFG seriously?

I jump on the forum and see some other saying the same thing but by and large there is very little regarding this. In those few they mention changing the keyboard to engrish only, only this is the only language I have and that was about it. I post something about it and I get this:

I cant even proceed out of the map
Whats with this game? I cant press spacebar or esc??? I read some of the discussions and I only have 1 language installed for the keyboard. I shouldnt need to reassign keys to get this to work especially using the same exact engine as Assassins Creed.
KillRoy 23 hours ago 
it doesnt use assasssin creeds engine “anvil” it uses “Lith” they use the same physics middleware “havok”


Really?!??!? How does this fucking help? Ohhh look at me!! My PEON is bigger than yours, I know there is a difference in engines so that makes me superior!! No it really doesn’t, makes you look like an ASS is what I really want to say but that would just feed the trolls as my friend likes to say.

So here is the first issue I have with this game, this is EXACTLY the same engine as Assassins Creed. you sneak to a bush and you are hidden, you climb shit and kill from above. I wouldn’t mind if it used a slight variation of that but its EXACTLY that. So how does the engine make is better or different??

I hook up mu console controller and I get father but when I use the spirit bow it take me for freaking ever to aim it and I run out of focus *sigh*. Using the kb, when I was able to get that far, I was able to hit 4 orcs in the same focus time, now I can barely hit 1 because I suck on the controller. Which is why I will not get the next gen consoles, I suck at them and I suck using a controller. If I have to revert to a controller to play this game then whats the point in getting the PC version?!?!?!?

I have requested a refund for the game but so far I haven’t gotten any response from anyone.

UPDATE 10/7/2014 2:31 PM –> So I emailed WB support and so far I am getting back canned responce, they asked for my DxDiag. I really don’t see how this is going to resolve my issue.

Funny wife interaction….

This was an actual conversation I had with the wife unit, you just cant make this shit up.


Me: Hey when you go to Costco, get me the low fat yogurt chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream
Wife: squirell ice cream, is that at Costco?
Me: no i said swirl
Wife: squirrel, do they even sell squirrels?
Me: Wait? What? really????
*much later*
Me: you know i said SWIRL, why the fuck did you think i said squirel??
Wife: I donno, I thought you wanted a squirel, I have never got squirels
Me: really????? You do KNOW those are the little cute fuzzy rodents you find in trees
Wife: ohhhhhhhh they don’t sell those at Costco
Me: no shit? really??