World of Warcrack…..


I honestly cant believe they are still making this game. I can’t honestly believe I am even considering going back (I am nuts for going back and I am not gonna do it) but the thought of managing my mailbox and trying to sell it again totally turns me off to the game.

Multiple Monitor clock…


Ever wanted to run a clock on multiple monitors? Well so did I….but guess what…you can’t natively with Windows…why? I have nooooo idea and its dumb. So the next best thing is this.

Download RainMeter, the default will work so you wont need to change anything. It will show up on your main monitor and all you need to do is drag the little squares to the other monitor but whats this?? Oh no military time…seriously?? We are not in the military…well easily fixed.


Right click and choose the Illustro/clock, edit it in your favorite editor..I recommend NotePad++, totally awesome…then scroll down and edit this line:


Then save it…duh! Right click it again and choose illustro then clock then the clock.ini and unselect it, right click on the SYSTEM bubble and choose all of the previous stuff again and it will reload with the NORMAL time.