Consolidated update……the time fly’s edition….

UPDATE 1/11/2015 11:59 AM –>

Flights: Prices for flights has increased over every expansion but offer nothing for speedy arrival other than maintain a scenic route. That’s fine for the first few flights but really this is like a commercial, bathroom break.

Patch 6.1:You can cancel flightpaths and land at the next Flight Master in your trip“, REALLY?? They are adding in this in JUST now? after 10 years? REALLY???

UPDATE 1/11/2015 10:46 AM –>

Quests: Another irritant, even though the prices for everything has sky rocketed, the quests still give out the same paltry amount expansion over expansion. One would think you would get more to substantiate the raised cost of everything but nooooooo. Panda land its 11g at max level, WOD its 15 gold with everything costing 5k gold or more one would think these need to be raised considering no dailies.

Bionic Kittah

Soooo some time in December we had a power outage. It lasted about 2 hours which sucks because then you fully realize that without electronic equipment, you are totally bored. My daughter made the mention that “Oh noes you will have to have a real conversation with me?!?!?” I laughed till we started talking and both of us, having to be on the spot, couldn’t come up with anything substantial to talk about. Ohh the irony!

Anyways to continue the story, the power started to come back on, for whatever reason my daughter ran up stairs to turn on the light and stepped on the kittah not fully realizing the damage she caused. She messaged me and said she just stepped on the cat and now he is growling and whimpering when ever he moves. I thought ok, well there isnt anything we can do for the moment lets see if he happens to get better in the next few days, turns out he got worse and it was breaking my heart to see him in pain. It was like the sadest sound one could issue from a cat that he was in some serious pain. His tail normally up and squirell like, was tucked in his hind quarters and he rarly moved or ate, went to the bathroom in the same spot…it just tore at my heart. I just love cats so this made it all the more painful to watch.

Since my daughter stepped on him I asked that she start calling around to get some idea on what our options were.

1) Put the cat down was one that was suggested by the doctors if we didnt want to spend the money. This is “fairly” cheap, like 500$ (why I dont know). It was discussed and dismissed, we couldnt bring ourselves to do it, the mere mention of it brought tears to my daughter and truth betold while I skoffed at the price I was to sad even thinking of putting him down along with seeing my daughter tear up.

2) Surgery, to the tune of 3k. It was suggested to me to open a line of credit for this type of thing so thats what I did. And he went under the knife.

Oddly enough and to my surprise the day we brought him home he was walking around as if nothing happened, albiet with a limp and a large patch of hair missing from his surgery area he was otherwise recovering very fast. Tail was up and fluffy squirell like and was walking around.

I of course took 100% ownership of taking care of the cat, even though technically he isnt mine….he is NOW mine. I bought and paid for him!! Plus he is so darn cute!! ZOMG!! *squeeeeeee*

Back story on the Kittah

We have 2 wild cats that we adopted due to his mother leaving or left the kittens to perish in a bush outside of our old house, I cared for them and hand fed them till they were old enough to eat solid foods. It was sooooo cute to watch them fight over the little bottles that they had to get. Anyways, as they grew up the male would wrasstle with the female and she wasnt havin it. So comes my daughters 20th birthday it was discussed to get a kitten and bring it in to play with the cats, well this turned out to not work and while he makes the attempt, they do NOT want to play with him which makes me sad that while he is with his peoples, they want nothing to do with him. Over the course of his stay he would TRY and lay near the cats and they would just run away. Sad panda!

Warlords Of Dreanor

So in November it was nearing the expansion release, I was making fun of my friends for getting the expansion, I even made a post about it because thats all they could talk about. Not 1 month later I caved and got back into the game after quitting for a year. Over all I am having fun BUT here are the irritating things with this expansion in no particular order:

Gated: Blizzard seems to think that gating everything is how this will keep people playing when in fact I think this will push people away. I mean I understand the concept but this game is past its prime (Even Blizzard said this during a Blizzcon, that this was intended to be a 10 year game). The legendary quest line involves collecting stones, which hardly drop. As of the time of this post I have 76/125. Then when we get those we need to collect 900 runes. OMG, all for a 720 ring. Is it worth it, some might think so but not for one item that increases your stats by a fraction.
Gold: OMG this expansion is made for rich people in the game. While its not hard to make “some” money in the game its not easy. Almost everyone I know is hard pressed to make enough to afford the required upgrades to not suck in this game. It costs 5k gold for EACH toon you want to have a lvl3 garrison. It costs 300/750/1k for the plans for each building, it costs 100/300/500g to upgrade the building.

So lets make this easier to see

Level 3 Garrison: 5000 Gold
Level 2 Buildings: 750 GoldLevel 3 Building: 1000 Gold
Schematics: 300/750/1000
Deployment: 300/500

Total: 9600 Gold PER toon, seriously?!?!?!?

Followers: So I don’t know the EXACT verbiage but its along the lines of “Recruit an army of followers to crush your enemies”. Sooo the problem with this is you can have 50 followers BUT you can only have 20 or 25 active at any one time which totally contradicts that verbiage. 20/25 followers is more of a small party, an army is defined by “a large number of people or things, typically formed or organized for a particular purpose.” So blizzard “allows” us to gather an army BUT only allows a fraction of said army to be active. Then to make matters worse they punish you by forcing you to deactivate the followers if you want them to go on missions and if you want to activate them it costs 250 Gold, Really?? Ok this going back to the total cost per toon.

Catchup system: Ok for the most part I really like this system but if you happen to pick the 1/2 things that dont have a catchup system in place then you are boned. For instance Herbalism, you boost a toon and want to pick up something that will help you level faster and you get the pieces which requires 10 to put together to make 1, so you have to collected a FUCK ton of herbs to get to the level you need. So in my case I had the Golem flying mount which allows you to gather herbs without dismounting and I went and got the gloves from the timeless isle, which incidentally took like 4 hours to drop…..BUT on the plus side I made 2k from all of the loot I got since I was converting all of the Timeless Isle armor to sell. Since I was doing this on my Hunter it was really easy to do and didn’t have any issues. I then just went around Panda land and picked herbs till I got to 600, which took another few more hours.

Flying Mounts: Ok so they got rid of flying mounts BUT still selling them? OK so this seems to be sending mixed messages. They have also expressed there disinterest in putting back into the game even though the forums are rife with trolls and complains that flying is not in the game. They even went so far to explain that for compensation for no flying that are making new technology for faster flight paths….really?!?! You have to make new technology to take you from point a to point b???? Prob in some Blizzard reality this is hiring some person to look at the Oracle path points and change them to be more efficient. ORRRR in the case of Blizzard, they will charge double for a direct flight as apposed the “scenic route”

Seals: Another cost sink in the game, 500 Gold for 1 seal, 300 resources for 1 seal and 1000 Apex Crystals for 1 seal, a week. 500 Gold? Really??? Again gated for those that don’t care the cost. IF you are flush with resources this is actually a good way to trim it down. Not only that but the cost you spend to get the seals doesn’t equate to the no lewt ratio. You waist a roll just to get a 3rd of the money back, which sucks and doesn’t provide any incentive to keep going. Yet I find I keep going regardless, however I don’t waist a roll if I don’t have to and hope I get personal loot. Which doesn’t always happen, which is frustrating.

Dailies: Ok soooooo many idiots complained about having to do dailies that they removed it without realizing this was a good source of money, so now that they removed the dailies you no longer have a source of money which ties into the whole money sink issue. I am finding that I have to go back to the old world content and do the dailies to eek out some monies.

Funny Fishing story: Whilst I was fishing I noticed that I had a bright highlighted item that appeared in my bag. I explained to my friend, who was online at the time, “Holy shit look at what I got!” and showed him a weapon I fished up. He said “WHAT?!?!?!? Where did you get that?”, I said fishing, he said where? So I told him, he looked at it and said WOW, I am assuming at that point he looked at some loot table because he started to wonder how I got it. I litterly looked at it like 5 times and didnt notice the SoulBound text and said…ohh wait this is my main weapon. Hilarity ensured.

Silver Challenge: OMG this has to be the most frustrating thing about the game thus far. This was put into the game to filter out the bad players BUT in its implementation IT is bad and the NPC is bad, it wont get out of the pew, it doesnt use there big heals like what even bad healers could use so I could not get the silver challenge on my Shammy no matter how hard I tried. I KNOW the technology is in place because my turtle gets out of the pew. I about gave up and asked a friend, who took pitty on me and did it for me, I donno how he did it but I was very thankful. When I leveled my tank I had no issues and thought it was super easy. Now that I am leveling a hunter I am wondering how bad its going to be.