Text book Nerd Rage…….


OK so I performed a text book nerd rage routine and “quit” wow. For whatever reason they took away the ability to “pad” your ilvl using PVP gear so you can join Heroics/Raids. When I did this on my main it made the whole process very easy and I got gear. Since they took that away its now taking me forever to get the gear to join LFR, which is where I want to go but I cant, so its made this whole process very frustrating.

I have spent 3x now pew pewing the world boss. Spent 500g x3 weeks only to get 30g x3weeks back, that’s 1500g that’s never made if you have done all of the quests because there are no more dailies to recoup. This just infuriated me where I gave up and quit. I really do not understand why this pvp gear change was made, I mean this doesn’t hurt anyone.

Whats worse is NONE of my so called friends ever asked why I quit, its not like I do that all of the time. Apparently to them, I do this enough where they are just sitting back and not mentioning it in case they happen to push my buttons and elongate getting back into it.

Well I am finding a large void that I have created by playing this stupid game and I have been thinking of going back. Although I am not sure when…soon though….


To my friends who read this:  .!..