This is what I have thus far……(thus) sounds so fancy huh?


So I have been following this tutorial for 3 days. Its a 38 min tutorial but due to doing this at work and with all of the work stuff I cant devote the 38 mins to doing JUST this. HOWEVER that being said, this is a result I am happy with.

I HATE crappy renders, I hate that some of the renders look like pew because of the lighting and promised myself that if I was going to do this I would spend some time with the lighting to get realistic renders, so far so good. This isn’t even finished yet so expect a v2 soon.

The Ring v1

The downside of NOT working with cloud storage


Frustrating myself

So WOW is down and I really don’t want to play another game so I start to fart around in Blender again. I stopped mainly due to what a lot of people run into. I have no patience if I cant figure it out. Of course this is my own fault because I can’t get good with something unless I practice with it. WHY CANT I JUST BE GOOD AT SOMETHING FROM THE GET GO???? I mean you read about these people all of the time, you hear about them…why cant I be one of those dammit!!!


I found a tutorial I wanted to try…so I work on it from work because its a little slow, I go home and start to work on it, I come back into work and start to work on it ANDDDDDDD everything does not look the same


I am like AHHHH WTF?? Then I remembered I downloaded some textures at home but left them on the home PC rather than using dropbox like I did on my project file. SIGH.

MOAR Consolidated updates


Time flies….buzz buzz..WOW section

Crap time fly’s, it seems not to long ago I rage quit and then 2 weeks later I unraged quit and have been playing ever since and here is a little on my current schedule:

Wake up
Think about what I am going to do in WOW
Think about what I am going to do in WOW
Start up WOW
Sigh as I have to do chores in WOW, which is ironic because the chores in this xpac are miniscule compared to the last xpac
Go to work
If its slow, play…..I know you can guess…..WOW…ill bet you didn’t see that comin
Come home
Think about what I am going to do in WOW when I wake up
Rinse and repeat

Since the rage quit there was 1 thing that got me over the hump and that was the Holiday boss, I got a neck piece on my 2nd time running it and then I was able to do Heroics and LFR. My hunter, which I had such a hard time getting gear on, is now my highest DPS and geared toon. What I should have done, which I am doing now, is gear up my tank and run him through heroics and get the BOA satchels and send those off to my toon that needs the gear. Ironically this nets me quite the chunk of moola in the process. If I run 2 Heroics I get about 600 gold even with deaths.

Life Section

Sooooo the story goes… buddy from my work quit customer care, I don’t blame him it was the worst position ever. I was in a lucky situation where I didn’t have to take calls for the last 2 years of my customer care experience, anyways he wanted something more so he quit got another job and then quit that to join the army, why because he was an idiot but I lubb0rz him so supported his decision. We talked on Vent so it wasn’t much different except when he was gone for months at a time. I think at that point I stopped playing WOW.

I convinced him to move here where I live, in fact he now lives 3 mins from me IF I walk slow. One day he says, jokingly, hey do you have a position open at your place. I say no but that I wished there was an opening because he would be perfect for that job, 8 months later I mention we are hiring, jokingly and totally not serious, he says sooo do you think I could app for that position, I said hell ya dude gimmie your resume. Once I got it I sent it to my boss. Then a couple of months went by and my boss asks me about him, a month after that he gets a call from my boss and then the snowball effect. Needless to say he is now BACK at the same company but instead at a premo position where the grass truly is greener.

I am very happy for him…..I don’t squeal like a little girl often but I did when I heard he got hired.

Other than that not much else is happening in my life…mostly boring life shit.