Jurassic (Insert random word here)


Insert random kids who incidentally are relatives of some of the adults who proclaim to never wanting to go back and who knows a lot about dinosaurs. With the exception of JP3.
Some adults that can make dinosaurs and not expect anything bad to happen
Some random adult who says its a bad idea and that you will be eaten

Insert some “hacker” to try and fix things and it just happens to be a kid because adults are to stupid.

Stick random kids in a self propelled mechanical device that’s easily crushed unless you are a dinosaur then its really hard…at least for a while

Insert really big dinosaur and barley escape, lets not forget that the kids actually escape harm while most of the adults are eaten because kids getting eaten is bad..while eating adults is good…whats the message they are sending here? Also, everything is fine till the kids show up then all the dinosaurs all freak out and escape…..say I know for JC5, lets not bring any kids…..guess it would be a boring movie then. Would they make JC5? I mean the formula hasn’t changed at all since the first one…could they get away with it again for the 5th? I mean look at FF, its up to 7 and they are still making a fuck ton of money.
Escape and proclaim to never go back

Rinse and repeat for the next movie

Opening weekend for JC4, $511.5 million….fucking a man! People sure do love renegade dinosaurs. Guess they all missed the commonalities to the original movie. Same font, same fly through the valley, same dusting of the bones, same cast member in the lab, same dinosaur chase scene, same dinosaur wonderment…all but forgetting Jeff Goldblooms iconic proclamation “Ohh yeah it all starts out as OOOoo ahhhh then its followed by screams and running”

To be honest JC aged very well, the CGI dinosaurs were very well done, props to ILM.

How to browse securely…..


Download FireFox or Chrome. Ditch Microsoft native Internet Explorer……..even with IE10 coming out and being “the most secure browser” I really don’t have a lot of confidence in this browser. I mean its been 10+ years and they are JUST now working on security?

Level 2

Install AdBlocker extension/add-on. I normally choose Ad-Block Plus, Ad-Block Edge, Ad-block plus pop up blocker and Element hiding helper.

Level 3

Install Sandboxie – This allows you to run your browser sandboxed AKA running in its own user space environment. This means if you get a virus/tracking cookies/malware, etc its in its own space, clear the contents and you are good to go and you wont have infected your whole machine. Just the user space.

Level 4

Install a new hosts file, I recommend going here. You will need to select all, copy and paste to a temp location then copy as admin to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and replace the existing hosts file already there. This is actually so effective that you don’t have to do anything else but this.

Level 5

Install Privoxy. This is your own private proxy that filters ads that slip through the adblockers. My recommendation is to edit the config file located in C:\Program Files x86\Privoxy\config and edit the file with notepad, look for the debug section and select the following: (REM out the #)

debug 1
debug 1024
debug 4096

Then scroll down near the bottom and REM out log-messages 1, restart privoxy from the task bar and you should now start to see log messages show up in your console

Level 6

Get a router that has privoxy built in. I recently picked up a Netgear R7000 and installed DD-WRT, this came with it installed so I just turned it on and set it to intercept all http requests.

Level 7

Do all of the above. This is where I am currently at.

World of Warcrack…..the end is nigh…..ok the end came and went


Well that didnt take long….I stopped playing because for the first time since I started, all of my friends stopped playing. 1 went to play Final Fantasy Online…which isn’t a bad game but the engine reminds me of Star Wars galaxies and the gfx were not that great. The story line was way to wackado for me to continue so I stopped.

TOUCH…….FEEL………RUB………umm what?!?!?! OK those aren’t the exact words but there just as wackado.

Another friend plays Destiny….LIKE ALL THE TIME. I just don’t get the game to be able to say..yes I totally want to spend 500+$ to get a gaming system and get this game. I played it for 10 mins and got bored…realizing of course that you cant really judge a game in 10 mins but when you stand there and the mob respawns in the exact same spot over and over…yeah that’s boring to me. Plus not only that but he said he wanted me to play and winds up only playing for like a day a week so to me that’s not only not fair but annoyingly rude. BUT cant “really” blame him, play what you enjoy.

Other than that I am not really doing anything of any significance to post.