Packing story time….

Decided that the plastic jade green statue we have been using as a center piece did not go with our new house, so I decided to get rid of it.

Wife: you are getting rid of the green plant, I am not talking to you!
Me: What green plant?
Wife: I am not talking to you!!
Me: Uhh OK I have no idea what you are talking about. (At this point I didn’t realize she was actually talking about the green statue)

Silent treatment goes on for about 10 mins then we start working on something else

Me: OK are you going to tell me about this mysterious green plant?
Wife: The one in the hall way?
Me: You mean the plastic green statue that doesn’t go with anything? OK you tell me where are we going to put this where it makes sense??
Wife: *cricket* *cricket*
Me: OK well then it goes in the bye bye stack
Wife: *is sad but realizes it doesn’t go with anything now*
Me: So you realize you just walked in the door and didn’t say hi or anything but blasted me with your gibberish….right? Because when I did the same thing you got mad at me for not saying hi…now here you are doing the same thing…
Wife: *cricket* *cricket*

Games quandary….

So my quandary is this: Buy a game at 60$ with my friends, stop playing it 1 month or less, waste of 60$ OR

Wait till it goes on sale, find friends who are still playing it, find out they stopped, waste of 1/2 what it costed when it first came out

Hmmmm tough choice

House update….

Still waiting on a signature date, still waiting on a closing date….still shopping for stuff.

Still packing
Still going though and sifting through all of our crap, we managed to give either the church or good will a bunch of stuff.

Still have to go to the electronic recyclers and junk yard for the bigger crap

Now I get to go through the renters check list, which ironically they are having us do there work for them.

So we paid 500$ per pet, x2 for 1000$
Paid 150 for a non refundable cleaning deposit
Paid 3000$ for a deposit

And they are still managing to make us bust our ass cleaning the house and put it in the same condition as when we moved in almost 8 years ago. Kinda BS if you ask me, whats the non refundable cleaning deposit for? Now I have to go back through my lease agreement and see what they charged.

I have a feeling we wont see our deposit…….we will see….I plan on cleaning the crap out of it…I mean we have like 1 month

Originally drafted 5/18, I forgot I typed this and never posted it…oops

House buying…uggh

I really don’t know how I did this in the first place but here I am considering buying a house and I don’t remember what to look out for this time around. All I know is that we will be broke as hell when we do. Things to consider:

Down payment – Looks like I may have to dip into my 401K
HOA costs – Hopefully this is wrapped in the over all cost of the house
Maintenance costs – lawn, misc stuff that needs fixing around the house that was “over looked” by the owner and or the person who is supposed to catch these things
New Furniture costs, why get into a semi new house and still have your old crap right?
Automation? Nest, camera’s etc
Cat5e runs

This is really a depressing venture. What I am running into now is that IF I dip into my 401k and put down some money, the monthly doesn’t really go down much and paying 2100$ a month is a little over the top. Even though technically if we moved right now, we would be paying that much in rent, we were fortunate enough to move to a place that lets us pay way less than that.

Still I would like to get into a house that doesn’t cost my whole monthly pay check.

OMG looking for a house is soooo stressful, you find a house that you want and its already snatched up.

So the above was composed 30 days ago……..April 11th to be exact

Fast forward to now, we bought a house, we think we over paid as the appraisal came in at 424k and we paid asking price at 449k. Later we found some houses in the same exact area for 379k but we have seen this before where they are expecting a bidding war that will jack up the price.

So far we have outfitted our house with all new stuff. New couch’s in all of the major rooms, new silverware, new pots and pans, new everything actually.

Anyways, packing old house…looks like a bomb went off in all of our rooms…..