House Update #2

In reverse order:

Finally got finalized through the bank but they managed to bring up some (literally) last minute items that needed to be addressed. We signed for an addition sum of money through my wife’s 401k, we didn’t think it mattered and it should have never been brought up but for some reason they wanted to know why the bank statement was higher than it should have been, who fucking cares? They do, for some reason 911 makes everyone terrorists, apparently and I had to change my story from getting that money from other means to we got it from my wife’s 401k, made me rather embarrassed to admit that I told a white lie about the money that should have never been brought up.

Got the keys and started to move in, I start to realize that I don’t see something I should have been seeing, a fiber to coax converter in the garage. I call Frontier….continued later

I called Frontier 3 weeks in advance of moving, xfer service to the new place, no problem…they tell me the name of the person who had the service and that they had fiber, I think nothing of it.

I get to the house and see that there isn’t a converter, I call Frontier and they said no problem they will install the new equipment

The day of the install the tech says, I am a DSL guy, you have NO fiber from the street to the house..ARRGH

I called Frontier again and they said OK we will get someone on it….*cricket* *cricket*

I call them back the next day and they said oh we scheduled you for Wednesday, I said no one told me this, do it sooner, they said we cant…I said make sure its documented because i am going to get a fatty credit on my account because of your incompetence.

So at this point I am going on 2 weeks of no internet… internet sucks bawlz..they are making it really hard to no switch to a competitor

We hire a mover to move all of the heavy shit we got, took 4 hours. We have so much crap we rent for an additional day and its still 2 truck full of crap. Additionally it takes us 2 more days and 6 more personal truck fulls of stuff before we are totally out of the old house. We are so tired at this point we hire cleaners, we for sure thought they wouldn’t do a good job at cleaning but they did pretty good. They missed some things but otherwise did  a decent job.

Now I cant find crap, I have an entertainment system that needs to be put together but I cant find the bolts. I have a computer desk that I cant put together because I cant find the damned bolts…arrgh.

My wife is cleaning the spare bathroom and she makes mention that the floor is wet, I look under the toilet and its really wet, I feel around and the wood floor is warped in at the bottom which means this has been going on for a while. I think that the previous owners hid it by turning off the water and flushing the water out of the bowl so it wouldn’t drip, not sure how the house inspector missed this, I would think this was an obvious place to check for leaks.

2016-06-13 02_10_43-image1 (Medium)

Reached out to my realtor to see if there is anything that can be done about it…will update when I know more.