10 Week challenge…45 pound loss

First composed 06/2015, super fail. I haven’t lost any weight since then….but I really haven’t gained either….sooooo win?

I am preparing myself for a 10 week challenge where I plan to lose all of the fat that I have been unable to lose in the last couple of years…so some back story:

About 8 years ago I was up to 360 pounds…..I recall having a hard time going up stairs without being winded, at that time I could only fit into size 48 pants and you cant get those at normal stores. You have to shop at big and tall. Those pants cost like 60-80$, I think its a scam personally but they say its for additional material and stronger stitching.

4 Years after that I Yo-Yo dieted between 300-280 and stayed there for a while

1 Year later I spent 2k on an Eliptigo, this is like the BEST freaking invention known to man, its a stand up bike. You get the same or better work out as on an Elliptical machine and get to be out doors. Only downside is, you are outside, with the bugs and dirt…eewwww

3 Years later…..

It is now 2015 and I am at the following stats:


Height – 6’1″
Weight – 211.0 pounds (Ideal weight is 165 pounds), to me losing that much weight, while most say congrats, I do not feel that way at all. I feel like its to slow and I am not pushing myself enough to lose the needed weight off. I still have places I am not happy with, stomach justs out a little, thighs still rub together, groin area has to much fat, pants still pinch in places I don’t like.

My back fat near the mid section is prob the worst to deal with, its like a pair of boobs on your back…bley

Waist outter – 42.5 inches
Waist inner – 39.5 inches
Belly – 40.5 inches
R Thigh – 26 inches (Fat still present on the upper thigh)
L Thigh – 26 inches (Same as above)
Buttocks – 41 inches (Colliflower, this is like the worst look, I am not sure if this will ever go away actually)
Chest – 40.5 inches
R Arm – 13 inches
L Arm – 13 inches

I took a before picture, to say the least they are the most unflattering pics I have ever seen. If I posted them I would be made fun of for sure, which would be ironic since a lot of folks are fatter than I am and express there frustrations out on themselves to others.

Front Pic here

Side Pic here

Back Pic here

My plan here is to document my 10 weeks per day for myself and anyone else who is ever going to read this.

Day 1 – UPDATE 6/6/2015 5:30 AM –>
I received the package I was waiting for, Focus T25. Admittedly I was a victim of the TV commercial, I don’t fall for these that often but I felt like this could give me some motivation. These come as DVD’s…who uses DVD’s any more??? So I went about to ripping them so I can stream them to my computer..WHICH DOESNT HAVE A DVD PLAYER. I mean really….none of the newer laptop’s come with DVD players any more….really need to get with the times here.

First attempt at ripping…foiled by the wankers who spent the time putting in copy protection……this really makes me want to keep trying till I get it and release this to the pirate community.
Second attempt….grrrrr……dang it…..

Looking into DVDfab….a subscription?? REALLY? Uggh

Day 1.1 – UPDATE 6/8/2015 4:25 PM –>
You are not seeing things, I am still on Day 1. The ultimate issue I had was that I don’t have a dvd player that works for these damned DVD’s. I finally “acquired” some software that was able to rip these to mp4 so I can stream it into my home made garagegym without the need find or purchase a dvd player. Never mind I would only need to spend 25$, I just don’t have the HDMI room, never mind I could have gotten a HDMI hub…this just over all increases the cost of this whole experiment. F that, they really need to get with the times.

Which is a long drawn out way of saying I haven’t started this yet. Procrastination is my enema.

UPDATE 6/8/2015 8:19 PM –> HOLY FUCK this is no joke…I couldn’t even go 10 mins without being so weak that I couldn’t continue. You would think 25 mins is nothing till you start doing these exercises. In retrospect I should have done the modified version for the full 25 mins but I was shaking so bad I couldn’t even do the thrusts. So I bailed and did 2 miles on the treadmill.

Tomorrow I will stick to the modified version so I can work towards the unmodified version.

Day 2 – UPDATE 6/9/2015 8:17 PM –>
Ok day 2 down, I had to go through some of the modified moves since I am weaksauce and cant do the planks or pushup’s but I don’t feel like I did the full 25 mins since I was trying to figure out how the hell they were doing there moves but after 5 mins I was sweating like a pig. One thing I didn’t like was that they focused on the non modified moves way more than the modified moves so I was waiting till they showed the person to see how it was being done. Annoying.

Yoga, I tried this for the first time…like ever…..it was NO Joke…….holy crap yoga is hard. They say proper yoga is just as good if not better for you than working out…so I will be supplementing my T25 workout with Yoga.

Jump Rope – Man I still cant seem to jump rope properly and get into a rhythm, my current rhythm is to do it a few times and have it get stuck on my foot….its really frustrating.

Diet for today – Chicken, broccoli and corn / Samon patty in extra virgin olive oil, mushrooms and avacado / Yogurt with gluten free granola ( I have to say this is like horrible so going back to the normal granola )

UPDATE 6/18/15 4:26 AM –>
OK fail……SUPER fail…fell off the wagon. Went on vacation and didn’t do doodly squat. Then it just snowballed.


House Update #5

Not in any particular order:

Moved in and noticed that we have a buckling sidewalk, guess who gets to foot the cost, yep that would be the home owner. 1500$, still a wip.
Had a HVAC guy come out and tell me that he noticed some leaks, decided to do it right, at the cost of 700$.
Finally finished putting stuff away, had to patch up the front wall in the master living room and started to patch the random holes the previous owners left. Went to look for paint and they litterally had all of the paint except for the living room, so had to get it matched, took 4 times and while we got the color right, it had to much gloss. Oh well its blended in good though.

I finally got my deposit back and surprise, surprise, I got boned. Almost 1k of repairs. We were really not that bad but it seems like it according to this list of items we did not rectify.
They charged us 450$ to replace a sink that wasn’t even damaged, I mean really WTF.
Charged us for trash that I AM sure we removed. Although it could have been the trash we left in the back yard that I moved to the back of the rear house now that I am thinking about it. We could have easily over looked that but I am sure we didn’t leave anything behind.
Charged is 450 for house cleaning, I swear to god we spent like almost 300$ for a move out cleaning from a cleaner. They did a really decent job but according to these folks, they did shitty and we shouldn’t have spent the money. You know in retrospect, my wife did mention NOT spending any money on them and just let them do it because they were going to over charge us anyways, should have listened. Boo!!

Charged 171$ to replace a screen in the back, come on really?!?!?! Costs 36$ for the replacement parts. Angie’s list shows you can do like 6 screens to 151$

DIRECTV – While the plan was to save money this in fact is costing me more.

House Update #4

So we had a wobbly dining room chair we got from Z-Furniture , we drove all the way to south Portland to get it fixed. As I was waiting for the chair exchange my wife JUST happened to sit on this couch that was VERY similar with the one we got from MOR Furniture. Well as it happens it came with a bed in it and we couldn’t even tell.

My wife wanted that so we canceled MOR at like the last minute…..still waiting for the refund to see how much they are going to charge us for a less than 24 hour notice.

Toilet was finally fixed but man such a pain in the ass to get done, soooooo glad my co-worker (who is totally gay) was butch enough to do all of the repairs. I of course spent the remaining time hanging curtains, which is the total opposite of butch.

New couch comes later today. Hope it doesnt suck.