World Of Warcrack….

While I have mentioned I started to play this game again, this was back in July when I picked it up. I played everyday and thought about it everyday. I picked up the new expansion and again, played it everyday and thought about it. However now, I don’t play it and I hardly think about it.

So there we go. My friends still play it even though they were the ones that said they were getting bored of it.

Life update….

Sooooo where to begin:

Sidewalk was replaced, looks good. While we were at it we had the contractor lay down some cement in the back yard for our future gazebo.

I had a brilliant idea to have a pedestal built for the gazebo, so we had someone come out and give us a quote. Was the same guy that did our HVAC, I was very specific that this was for a quote and not a guarantee of work. Later he got all butt hurt because we got someone else to do it. Took him over a week to come up with no quote, I had to text him several times so we went with someone else.

As it happens the pedestal came out OK looking but I think I might have to sand it and stain it then apply the weathering to it next summer. We will see how it holds up to next summer. As of right now we got the gazebo built and furniture all set in and it does look amazing.

Other than that I haven’t done much else. Gained weight because since I moved, I haven’t exercised at all. I really need to pick it up again and stop eating sweets.

Picked up WOW, again. UUGGH. There is still a lot of issues with this game that the developers don’t/wont fix.