Weight Gain, Sad panda

I have been noticing that I cant fit into my jeans any more so I knew I gained weight I just wasn’t sure how much, got on the scale and I am now up to 237.6

Sooooooo depressing to think I am starting to gain back what I lost. At one point I was down to 209 but that was fleeting. I hate that I have that kind of body that’s super sensitive to food, food types and binging. I cant blame myself really but damn.

Exercise is alluding me as well so maybe if I document this more I will stop eating more than I should. It is especially hard on the weekends where I get bored and start to over eat to no reason.

Mike Myers character Fat Bastard said it best “I eat because I am depressed and I am depressed because I eat”

On a more positive note my good friend Jason has lost 50+ pounds, so I now know where all my weight gain has come from. I asked him to stop losing weight so I wouldnt gain more but he thought it was funny, I didn’t think so, I was cereal. Jerk!

Random Thought – Pooping

So I truly believe that washing hands after you take a dump is completely useless. I mean yes, its the social norm but hear me out for a few…

Your body decides you must go pew, you go into a stall and either take off a jacket or not…

At this point you are sitting down with your phone in your hand and you are looking at stuff to amuse yourself but really, this could be a paper, magazine or a book.

You are done, you wipe yerself. Put your phone back in your pocket and pull up your pants (Think about what you have on your hands and are now transferring this to your pants.

Tuck in your shirt, (again, think about what you are transferring to your shirt). You don’t want to look like you just came out of bed so you do your best to rub out the wrinkles (again, think about what you are transferring to your shirt)

Put on your coat, sweater. Pick up your phone, book, magazine and or paper (again, more transfer)

You now do the social norm and wash your hands.

You look in the mirror and get those stray wrinkles on your shirt or coat or whatever if you wore something over your shirt.

Dry your hands, you might or might not be the type and takes the towels and opens the door, if not MORE transfer from others who do not wash there hands. At this point it doesn’t matter.

You didn’t dry your hands enough so you wipe them on your shirt whereby transferring back what you transferred before. Take out your phone and look at it, remember you never sanitized your phone or shirt or pants.

You either meet someone or talk to a co-worker and shake there hands (yep you just transferred your shit to that person and they to you, congratulations you are truly a shitty person!)

Port forwarding

OMG my actiontec modem sucks bawlz, I cant port forward correctly and have it work the way I want but I did find a solution:

miniupnpc from http://miniupnp.free.fr/

upnpc -a 22 3333 TCP This will forward TCP connections from the internet on port 3333 to port 22 on

To remove it, use: upnpc -d 3333 TCP