Funny story on the way home

I typically take the back roads home as I can go 55+ without signal lights, in most cases the on-coming traffic will use there high beams to see the road better.

One day I got tired of all of the high beams in my eyes so the next time I saw high beams I reached to the right side of my steering wheel and flashed my brights, they continued with there high beams on so I pulled on the right side of my steering wheel to also blind them.

As I was driving past them I realized it started to rain and I could barely see in the dark and the windshield wipers came on, I thought that was weird because I didn’t flip the right handle.

I then realized that because it was the RIGHT handle and not the LEFT, all I managed to do was clean my wind shield and not blind the on coming traffic.

It wasn’t raining after all. DOH!

Monster World: Hunter for PC

Well I got this game with a friend and man O man is it hard. We spent like 2 hours trying to figure out how to join as a party, it shouldn’t be that hard.

I discussed this with my co-worker and he gave me shit for playing a game that didn’t hand hold you. He is a jerk!

NextCloud Drama…kinda

NextCloud is like your own dropbox type of environment, I thought, kewl I can install it and then start to migrate over all of my dropbox and gdrive content.

Yeah well in my head that was the idea and it was grand, there was also naked ladies dancing around as well.

First iteration, I was running the older version of FreeNAS so the plugin was really old (v10), I read that if you upgrade it it breaks so its best just to start with a new version (at this time its v14).

Second iteration was running a script, and it did everything for you and I mean everything so I choose to run it but then I found I could not connect to it from my internal lan.

Third-Six iteration was going back and forth between the plugin and the script trying to figure out why each one took so much work. Each had some work I needed to perform. The plugin required I update and install SSL for nginx and I had a hard time figuring that out so I abandoned it.

Seventh iteration I decided to stick with and post on various forums and I got 0 answers to my questions. This is super frustrating. I must have a website site dedicated to me that says, if this guy asks a question act like you don’t know the answer when you really do because that will just cheese him off and we all find that funny. HA HA HA, jerk!

As it happens, NordVPN has a black Friday sale on there VPN services so I decided to use that. This resolves my issue but still rather expensive solution to run my own cloud setup, however if you break down the numbers its cheaper in the long run.

I did check the forum for the script install and the author is slowly pointing me in the direction I think I need to go.

Project Stream

Well I got accepted into the beta, I can see this being the future but sadly the ISP caps would ruin the fun if that’s what the future brings. I have seen a lot of comments that they easily eat through 15Gb per day playing streaming games AND that Comcrap starts to BW limit those that do.

Sexism post in Twitter

Too bad I can’t vote for what will define my newsfeed the coming two years. My advice for anyone of any color: vote for a woman.

This is a wrong message to spread. Hey lets vote for a woman regardless if they are qualified because, woman. Isn’t this THE exact same thing everyone else are crying about only in reverse? Hey vote for a man because, man.

This is reverse sexism plain and simple which is just as wrong.