I liked playing Destiny but…after a while it was more of the same so I stopped playing (the issue I had was they kept releasing content reskinned and charging for it), ironically near the time I wanted to go into raiding hard core. Then came Destiny 2, demo was full of bug and seemed like a reskin of Destiny. Launch day I thought they would have worked out the bugs and there would be more to the game than the demo, nope.

When you play a demo, you are supposed to get a slice of what the game could be. In the case of Destiny 2, you pretty much got the game in the demo.

Anthem gave us a slice of the game along with the past 6 weeks of bugs, when I played the demo it was unplayable. Rubber banding, bullet sponges, running out of ammo, spawns despawning, falling through the world, disconnections, long reconnections….it was terrible.

To me, the demo was supposed to show you what the game “would” be like but I didnt feel like falling for another Destiny trap so I canceled my pre-order.

Also, WHYEEEEEEEEEE is it still a thing to have servers being overloaded when a game comes out, this is an anticipated game so WHYYEEEEE were they suprised or taken back by so many users getting in there servers?

WHYEEEEE wasn’t an admin monitoring the usage and spin up a new server to this wouldn’t happen, yet it did and continues to do it. This should not be a thing in 2019.


One of the things my wife would give me a hard time with was putting too much whipped cream on whatever pie I was eating. Turns out it’s low in sugar and low calorie and is one of the things I can consume.

Currently on day 6 of this diet but not expecting to see any substantial results for a while.

Too bad I can’t lose weight as fast as I am able to gain it.

Smart Homes and smart things

I came across this post on my tweeter feed, was a re-post by someone else and I really disagreed with it but then I saw who posted it and now I am not sure if it’s is serious or in jest.

Personally I really like smart home stuff, yeah it has its issues but what doesn’t. In fact I did have issues with my WeMo stuff and I got pissed off at it and replaced it all with Alexa and Alexa compatible stuff and now everything is working better than before.

Right now I have the following:
2 Philips Hue’s – NOT the multi colored ones – That control the living room
3 Philips Hue’s that control the outside
2 Philips Hue’s that are in the living room
Nest Thermostat
1 Alexa in the living room
1 Alexa in the bonus room

What I don’t like is the Alexa routines, they are a little on the sparse side compared to Wemo but the fact that it works and WeMo is a pain in the ass to get working, I let it slide but would like to see more options available for its Routines.

This is prob the best response I have seen, this is totally me in the not to distant future.