Smart Homes and smart things

I came across this post on my tweeter feed, was a re-post by someone else and I really disagreed with it but then I saw who posted it and now I am not sure if it’s is serious or in jest.

Personally I really like smart home stuff, yeah it has its issues but what doesn’t. In fact I did have issues with my WeMo stuff and I got pissed off at it and replaced it all with Alexa and Alexa compatible stuff and now everything is working better than before.

Right now I have the following:
2 Philips Hue’s – NOT the multi colored ones – That control the living room
3 Philips Hue’s that control the outside
2 Philips Hue’s that are in the living room
Nest Thermostat
1 Alexa in the living room
1 Alexa in the bonus room

What I don’t like is the Alexa routines, they are a little on the sparse side compared to Wemo but the fact that it works and WeMo is a pain in the ass to get working, I let it slide but would like to see more options available for its Routines.

This is prob the best response I have seen, this is totally me in the not to distant future.

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