I haven’t updated in a while because I don’t come across enough content to make reference to anything but here is what I am working on now:

Rpi+7″ monitor – I got the parts and put them together for no other reason than to do something and have them. Not sure why I bought 2 of them. I think the initial thought was to use them in different scenarios but it didn’t work out how I wanted.

*** UPDATE 4/16/2019 1:32 AM –> I decided to use one for my PiHole because I  figure out a way to forward my dns traffic to a docker version so this was much easier.

ALSO I JUST freakin bought the Rpi3 and of course they go and announce the Rpi4…arrgh. On the plus side its not due out till 2020.

Google WiFi – I bought this based on reviews and when I got it, it was GREAT. The wifi issue I was having all but disappeared, which was poor signal in certain parts of the house. It was only after I got used to it did I notice some issues.

Runs double NAT, which means my FING box can only either read the LAN IP’s OR the WiFi IP’s which are different. For some reason it will not read the LAN IP’s.

This wasn’t designed for those that are semi advanced users who are doing semi advanced things on there network. This is perfect for those that never want to touch there network. HIGHLY recommended for those that just care about WiFi coverage.

PfSense – Decided I wanted more of an advanced firewall so I purchased a firewall appliance and installed pfsense on it, which is really neat. I had to get it because what I was using, wouldn’t have been supported in v2.5 which is expected sometime this year or early next year. Plus I happen to be in a situation when my FIOS was installed, that he ran an ethernet cable from the UNT to where I wanted to have the main internets so I could choose to run my own router.

Synology DS1819+ – This has 8 bays rather than 4 bays and man-o-man the user experience on it is a very stark contrast over FreeNas. I am going to write up something on the differences at a later time.

Unifi – This is the replacement for my Google WiFi, these are the more professional AP’s some some very cool stats.

IP Camera’s – I decided to install some IP camera’s instead of using this nest cam. I was finding the resolution was super poor even though its claiming to be a 4K device. Plus with the surveillance station that’s running on my synology, this makes it easy to keep and run my own copies and I can detach from the sub I have going with Nest.

*** UPDATE 4/16/2019 1:38 AM –> Yeah well in theory this app was great but when I went to add a 3rd camera it demanded I buy a new license for 53$. I had bought a AMCREST NVR for like 95$ but put it off to the side in case the Synology box, good thing I did as this unit accepts an unlimited amount of camera’s. 8 4K’s but really, residential only needs 3-4.

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