Nerding out over…

Something I always wanted to do was make my own VPN to gain internal access to my network, man its very cool to have this setup and super handy as I no longer need to port forward or use reverse proxy.

I was cheating by having to wake my main PC and gaining access but this was easier said than done.

What happened was I got a 10G eth card but found that it did not support WOL, so what ending up happening was I had to activate my 1G eth card to gain the ability to WOL my pc.

What I found out was that wifi/eth/10G was the priority order so I had to figure out how to change it which was not easy. Then I had to figure out how to block everything on the 1G eth card which was not easy to find. I would up assigning it to the public network then blocking all access to the public network. This took me like a week to figure out.

Of course all of this was done prior to making a vpn, which solved all of my issues. Now I regret not doing it sooner.

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