The switch from FreeNAS to Synology

I am not sure how long I have been using FreeNAS but its was during v9.x and I used it up to v11.2. 11.2 was leaps and bounds nicer to look at than v10. Still had some issues but over all served its purpose.

One day in the FreeNAS channel someone mentioned Synology and I started watching video’s on it and instantly I regretted not moving to that sooner.

So I made the decision to buy a new Synology box, one that supports 8 drives because I had 4TB just lying around and had already gotten 4x12TB drives for the FreeNAS. It was actually cheaper to buy the Synology box than it was for the FreeNAS box.

I was NOT disappointed and I continue to admire how it all seamlessly work. Accessing the desktop is all web based and its super nice, to boot its the same as accessing it remotely. On top of that Synology gives you a free way to access it which is very cool. Every app that is included can be accessed using this method which makes it super convenient.

One thing I really liked was the BTRFS system where you can add drives of different sizes so right now I have 4x4TB and 4x12TB drives all running in the same enclosure.

Before with FreeNAS, I learned about docker and played a little bit with docker but it was running in a VM and I  didn’t want to run it along with the other VM’s I was already running. Docker was hard to grasp but I would occasionally tinker with it and finally gave up on it as I didn’t see a real need.

Ironically with Synology I am 100% running docker and so far have 15 docker containers running. One of the best features is that as long as you define your mount points, you can upgrade your docker containers quite easily.

Surveillance station only allows 2 camera’s, which is really dumb. Should allow 4 or the home use license should be a lot cheaper.

VM Machine only allows 4 VM’s before it also charges 50$ per VM. Again for home use, should be cheaper.


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